a person accused of having Politics in it and i could not be MORE surprised!!!!! art???? POLITICAL???????? Dearie me!!!!!

You must see for yourself! See this horrid POLITICAL game, where you beat up neonazis etc etc:

Y'all if we don't get Season 2 of Meatpunks funded I will be the SADDEST FOX.

And if you missed playing all the way through Season 1 you are MISSING OUT and should consider GETTING ON THAT.

It's a game about four queer disasters clinging to survival and fighting neonazis while piloting mechs made out of meat.

One of the taglines for Season 1 is "FUCK UP REAL BAD" and like, that's important for understanding what this game is and why I love it so much.



@HTHR I feel like I should know this but what's your personal mech name?

@starkatt it changes, but right now i'm leaning towards BONFIRE BLUES


Political? 🤔 I'm not seeing it. Maybe they're just bringing politics into the game, honestly. Maybe they don't even realize. 😈


(boosted, and good luck! ^_^ <3)

@HTHR Truly sad. Maybe one day I can enjoy my politics in peace without having video games shoved down my throat.

You're doing great work, keep it up.

I don't know if you know, but The Red Strings Club got some salty review because its story is "too political". As if their review about a game being political is not also political. They never understand.

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