this page is full of joy and heartbreak. moments of self-discovery, moments of pain. some people's marriages withstand the change. others don't.

"They threw a party every Friday night and one of those nights someone said, “There are some really fine dykes up in Western Michigan.” And then somebody said, “Road trip!” And thirty hours later, there we were in Kalamazoo."

i fucking love lesbians

"I was involved in Stonewall when all that happened, but they have been whitewashing Stonewall for years. What do they know about the girls that were there? What about the trans men who were there?"

"I’ve thought a lot about what happens when you’re not transitioning anymore, but you’ve just “arrived.” Part of me thinks that you can never really “arrive,” but part of me also wants to get “there,” wherever that is. But to use a math analogy, it’s probably more like asymptotic progression. You get closer to something, but you never really get “there.”"

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"And here I am, you know, almost twenty years later still thinking and talking about gender. You know, what is my gender? I don’t have an answer to that and I don’t need an answer. I’ve never felt fully female and I’ll never feel fully male and that’s really just fine."

"You know, I continue to look more and more male. I’m older. I’m not a young pup anymore, but I still am in my heart."

"What advice would I give to young people? Go to school. Understand yourself. Be authentic with yourself. And love yourself. Try to be a productive, contributing member of our society. And guess what? That comes back to you. Get engaged in politics, if for no other reason than your own survival. That's what we have to do at this point in time. I can appreciate that some people just don’t want to be on the front lines, but support those of us who are, because that's what's going to get us our liberation."

so fuckin' many of these stories are about butches and trans guys being pushed out of lesbian spaces :/

"I met Stephanie, a transgender woman, at the Emerald City Social Club. She was homeless at the time, so I said, “Why don’t you move in?” And then we started taking in other girls, too. Since then, I’ve had over thirty girls go through the house at one time or another, some for shorter periods, others for longer periods. I think it’s a worthwhile effort. I’m trying to give people a little bit of safe space and respite from the anxieties of homelessness."

"When it comes to gender and sexuality, we age out, and it’s just not that big of a deal anymore. There’s no way I’m gonna be a Betsey Johnson girl at my age. But, I can be a crone – that’s something I never thought I’d grow into. You can grow into that sort of thing yourself, and if you identify more closely as male, you can grow into a delightful old curmudgeon. Crone, curmudgeon, wise person, elder; you’ve got that to look forward to."

kate, 69 is the coolest person i've ever heard of in my life

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"They surrounded me and said, “What gives you the right to be here on this mothers’ board? We don’t understand it.” I said, “Because I’m a mother to the ones you can’t love. The ones that you cannot be a mother to, that you throw out on the street every day. Those are my children. The ones you throw away.” I said, “That’s why I’m here.” You could hear a pin drop, nobody said nothing. They went on and accepted me and said, “Come on girl, sit down.”"

i'm barely a third of the way through this collection, y'all

"There are so many other oppressions and variables that trans men and trans women of color face that it’s not as easy as hanging a rainbow flag out your window. Well, how’s that gonna work? You gonna pay my bills? Are you going to walk with me everywhere I go and be my personal bodyguard? So the notion that “out” is always better assumes a safety that many of us, especially trans women of color, cannot count on."

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@HTHR You know, maybe that's how it managed to have good lesbians.

Gotta keep a lot of shit secret in Michigan, so the fact I didn't know probably means they're still there.


"You can’t be shackled by the minutiae of stress and expect to have a full life, and to be fearful feeds into that minutiae. Life really begins when you step out of fear."

i liked this one

@HTHR thank you for blessing my timeline with this article ❤️

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@HTHR i had to stop like 6 in to just process and recenter. there's so much and it's all so important

@HTHR “there are some really fine dykes in western Michigan” is such a phenomenal phrase

@HTHR @piponfishing hey also you might love to know about the Tretter Collection's Trans Voices project. It's audio and video interviews with all kinds of trans and gnc folk across all kinds of spectrums of life. (I'm in it with a friend who helped me come out 😁)

Some of the content is online with more coming all the time:

The main project page is here. Unfortunately the Interviews link appears broken at the moment:

@HTHR @piponfishing Oral History not Trans Voices, sorry bad memory

@HTHR @piponfishing the interviews are collected by Andrea Jenkins, a trans woman poc who has done So Much Amazing Shit over her lifetime for trans people.

@HTHR @piponfishing the whole Tretter collection includes SO MUCH of our history in primary source documents. It's completely open to researchers or just the public. It's a pull based archive so you do need to work with one of the team to pull your topics. They're absolutely amazing. Also the archive is physically stored in this super amazing vault buried in the bedrock of the Mississippi River banks in Minneapolis. It's designed to be a geologic timescale storage facility, outlasting humanity.

@HTHR You know, i always kept thinking of one of the negative effects of being trans: Dysphoria (yes, i know, not everybody experiences it) and stating that being trans is not funny and i would rather not choose to be if i was able to.

But listening to or reading of other people's stories, these stories you've linked, actually makes me really, really proud to be »part« of this and i would rather not be someone else. And i'm thankful for the fights and efforts everyone took before me or is taking right now.

@HTHR I forgot to mention this yesterday, but thank you for sharing this

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