i will never understand straight guys who joke about hating their wives. that's your favorite person!!!! the one you wanna spend the rest of your life with!!!!!!! why the fuck would you wanna put her down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

starting a new lesbian gang with the tagline "IF YOU DON'T CHERISH YOUR WIFE WE WILL"

@HTHR nobody loves cis men's wives more than me, nutt godd

@HTHR that is your favourite girl who you married!!!!!!!!

@HTHR I don't wanna make generalisations but I assume anyone who makes that joke more than once has real marital problems they won't confront

@Trashbang @HTHR that marital problem is called "being a toxic man who only got married so he could have a second mom to make him a sandwich that he will then complain isn't made right".

@HTHR they’re not joking, their wives are very rarely their favorite people, and quite often they don’t “want to spend the rest of their life with” so much as “on balance it’s more convenient to stay married, and divorce is expensive and complicated”

straight men’s shit is pretty fucked up tbh, i am no joke convinced that at least 80% of them would be happier gay, but most would probably be that nasty misogynistic kind of gay that nobody likes and talk about “breeders” sooooo

@HTHR (source: straight men often find me super comfortable and trustworthy and end up asking me for advice and/or unburdening themselves to me, which is odd and often uncomfortable being privy to that stuff but what the hell, who else have they got to talk to? if the answer to that wasn’t “no one”, i doubt they’d be coming to me...)

"Gay marriage will ruin the concept of family" say the dudes who go to a bar every night to complain about their families, to other dudes who're also complaining about their families.

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Gay marriage will give us more options if it doesn't work out with the wife...

@HTHR right? also, that strange idea of a relationship as somehow adversarial – a constant tug-of-war over who keeps the upper hand, or who gets who to do what.
jesus motherfucking christ, this is your partner! why wouldn’t you think of yourselves as being on the same side? as having each other’s back?

@gekitsu @HTHR in some parts of Spain it's pretty common for that kind of men to call their wife "the opponent" (in Spanish, "la contraria"). Pretty fucked up.

@jon_valdes @HTHR oof. D: when it’s put this explicit, and it doesn’t make one stop and think, that’s some really sad stuff.

@HTHR honestly this reminds me of how my dad constantly goes back and forth between how my mom is a nag and he's sick of it and how he lays up at night worrying about her health, I'll never understand straight people especially boomers

@HTHR i'm still optimistic that sometimes it's just like the straight version of calling your girlfriend a Bastard Gremlin

@HTHR gosh absolutely. That always confounded me about other couples I would know and like, all media and 'jokes' about relationships. And then I realized I wasn't actually in a het relationship and it allllll made sense.

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