any trans person who changes their name to something normal has my utter respect for that level of self-restraint. i had the name change papers in my possession for a whole two days and it took every ounce of my being to not change my name to hellfuck jones

@HTHR i got a normal enough first name but i picked my last name from a piece of mathematical terminology



dastardly hexafren, why

@HTHR honestly I respect the bravery of people who change their legal names to stuff they actually like even if it's not "normal". My legal name is boring as fuck and I have to interface with it all the time.


"When life gives you lemons....You make life take back those lemons! I'm ~Cave Johnson~ y'hear!?"

> For the last time, you're not Cave Johnson

*holds up papers*
Read 'em and weep! >;D

@HTHR I purposefully made mine boring and common so that searching it is pointless

@HTHR My secret is that despite using likley going for a real mundane first name like Liv or Olivia, I'm gonna make sure the initials will be either LOL or OTL.

@HTHR However I'm also tempted to just go with
Liv Motherfucking (lastname)

@fun fair!! keep in mind though that states have different laws and some states will reject you for having a swear in your name

@HTHR I feel like I would have to work really hard to not become Smitty Werben Jagermanjensen, if I had the paperwork at my house. Or some other absurd meme shit.

@HTHR it was more fear and cowardice than self control but the sentiment is still appreciated

My first name choise was Andromeda, I could not take myself seriously with that. So, eventually, I came to Lucy and I'm good with that

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