excited to go home and stop being Heather Flowers (tm) for a hot minute

@shel i swear, acting as a public persona in order to make money feels like being a goddamn cartoon character sometimes, it's exhausting

@HTHR yeah being a Figure is rly dehumanizing and tiring and awful.

@shel i love my job, i honestly do, but it requires being a person who's ALMOST like me but NOT and the blurred line between the two really fucks me up sometimes

@HTHR i know some people outright use different names when they're "off" in order to feel more like a person among loved ones and stuff, but if you're someone who dissociates a lot it can kinda be like asking for Plurality to Happen hehe.

i definitely get the like "ok but am i Performing right now or...." thing and it suuuucks

@shel oh yeah lmao the name i use on here is NOT the name i use in person, i couldn't fucking deal if they were the same

@HTHR it got really out of hand for me.... i have a professional name, a pen name, a secret name, a hebrew name, a yiddish name, a facebook name, a kink scene name, an old name, a deader name...... and it goes on...

@HTHR to be fair moossssst of those names begin with Shel- or Sh-


@HTHR not quite solid haha. also SOME names correspond to plural parts, but what name is being used is more by function or space than who is fronting....

very out of hand lmao

@shel solution: come out as double-trans and tell everyone one new name

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