other pokemon players: this is my perfect-IV EV-trained team that can take down any pokemon with type advantage, and also they're all cute
me: this is alice, she's a big grumpy baby. no further questions

i walked fuckin 25 kilometers to evolve alice into a lairon and i'll walk another fucking 100 to evolve her into an aggron

i don't give a fuck

@HTHR I support you and Alice in your journey together. (also: same team!)

@HTHR Been trying to draw something every day. This is something. I find I like drawing recognizable parts of larger things.

@HTHR ("been trying to" = "if I don't I lose $20"). Works as a motivator but I think I'll revise it next month. Keep running dry on ideas.

@HTHR if you're not making a team of pokemon you think are cute or cool, you are doing something wrong

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