check out this little bear statue i have. it's one of my favorite things i own. it's mad tiny and i love it. i look at it and say "you're wicked small" and i'm happy

i'm so glad you like my bear statue too. it's so fucking small which is weird because bears are usually big, which is part of why i like it so much

@HTHR Makes me think of the jade bears they sell in every touristy tchotchke shop in BC.

@Chinbook @HTHR o-oh! iiiiiiiii used to have one of those jade bears but i never knew that they were from caaaaaaaaaaaaaaanada! 😲

I love having signs and sigils like this. Never sure if we choose them, they chose us, or if something else brings us together.

@HTHR Is good, strong, smolbear. Gives me strength on what's turning out to be an unexpectedly crappy morning.

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