reasons to get buff that dont have to do with fatphobia:
* punch better
* rage against the machine
* lift pretty girl
* flexies
* arm wrestle good
* lift TWO pretty girl!?

I just want to be able to dance without
a) dying
b) wishing I had the next morning

@HTHR Honestly, when I am feeling demotivated I think very similarly to the first two. I think, "I am becoming a tank to protect my community!" But now I also will gladly think, "lift pretty girl?!?!" as well. 💜💜💜

@HTHR *feel stronger and more capable after getting kidnapped at gunpoint
Sorry, had to add my personal one 💁🏾

@HTHR Because you will never feel more powerful than when you squat so hard that your pants explode like a goddamn anime character


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