@HTHR hm. this makes us juuust a bit uncomfy, between the vague assumption of binary-ness and the usage of the word "woman" with no acknowledgement of people for whom that can mean something different than "girl" (as in they're comfortable with being called "girl" but not "woman")

please be careful with things like this. positivity is good, encouraging gender self-discovery is good, but this is a tad prescriptive and it could be harmful to some.

@sen that's a fair appraisal, but the site itself explicitly states that it's meant for binary trans people and that people who identify outside the binary are valid. just because something isn't for everyone doesn't mean it's necessarily harmful, IMO.

@HTHR i didn't see anything about that on the site and it's already made me and many nonbinary folk i know very uncomfortable.

i think that sort of thing could absolutely be done in a way that's a bit more inclusive, and if anything i'd say a site like this that's prone to appeal to some nonbinary folk almost has an obligation to be.

@hal not that i know of but if i find one i'll let you know!

@HTHR this is coming up blank for me, but I want to be turned into a girl

@hthr this is super good. Really well written, approachable, funny, compassionate, with good advice
One thing that surprised me is the statistic that half of trans women who come out lose a friend. By extension, this means half don't lose friends and while things could certainly be better, back when I came out the question was how many friends would I lose. It's nice to see things getting better.

@celesteh yeah, things are definitely getting better locally even as the world as a whole gets weirder and worse. when i came out a couple years ago, the only friend i lost was a guy from my high school who very quickly turned out to be a baby fash, so no real losses there. i'm very grateful for that.

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