menu: items marked [GF] are gluten free
me: understandable, got it
menu: it doesn't mean girlfriend
me: yeah, i know
menu: ice water [GF]
me: the-- the ice water is my girlfriend? how?? is she okay???

[sobbing at vegan restaurant] i have... so many girlfriends... i need them to be okay...

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@HTHR I don't have anything against celiacs, I just feel like the texture of gotten free ice water is all wrong.

@HTHR even reading this it still didn't click that it didn't mean girlfriend

@HTHR i just realized this post is asserting ice water is listed as gluten free

is that standard practice or a hilarious bit

@MegaLobsterFace i couldn't think of anything else that doesn't have gluten in it

@HTHR on one hand, neither can i, on the other hand, jesus fucking christ

@HTHR I marked a giant sharpie stencil "GF" on my toaster to keep it separate from the gluten toaster, and this still throws me off a bit...

@HTHR there was a weird shift in my life about half a year after getting diagnosed with celiacs where gf finally clicked as "gluten free" but then nobody could talk to me about their girlfriends

it sorted itself back out and now i just assume everyone has a girlfriend, who is gluten free


If the menu feels the need to explain what goes into the "Iced Water", that's a good sign you should find a new restaurant.

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