The correct way to apologize for misgendering someone is to say "sorry," correct yourself, and continue with your sentence. The longer your apology, the worse it is. No exceptions.

I've been misgendered thousands of times. I've heard every apology there is. Just fucking move on with your sentence, I don't need to hear your specific spin on how calling me "he" was part of your Personal Journey to Wokeness

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a good comparison is that it's like buttonmashing through a piece of dialog you've heard a thousand times before. yes. yes. no. yes. i have the scepter of doom. no you're not a bad person for what you said. it's okay. yes. uh-huh. i don't hate you. yes. please stop talking

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@HTHR My Personal Journey to Wokeness, a 48 Part Personal Essay Series Written By Anxious Cishetwhiteman, with a new introduction and foreward written by John Green and Lena Dunham.

@HTHR You're right. Though I guess I've panicked on the few times I've accidentally done it. Because I'm screaming "mother fucker I'm trans, I shouldn't be doing this kind of shit, what's wrong with me" at myself in my head with the volume of a thousand airplanes taking off.

intentional misgendering 

@SusanThatBitch absolutely. a short apology means "i have made a mistake and now i will fix it." a long apology means "it's more important that you know i'm trying than that i actually fix my mistake"

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