heather "she/her" flowers

Episodes 1 and 2 of EXTREME MEATPUNKS FOREVER are out now!!

Welcome to the sleepy desert town of Sundown...


@HTHR I GOT A MEATPUNKS!!! i cant wait to get home to play iiittt

@HTHR This looks great I shall be buying if and when I have the money. Incidentally if you want a linux tester for future stuff I'd be happy to volunteer.

@HTHR I'm listening to the soundtrack now, and I'm already impressed beyond words.

The game is going to take .... a while ... to download on my internet connection, but I'll post about it once I've been able to play it.

@HTHR heather i'm so proud of you, you worked so hard

i can't wait until i can pick this up and experience what you've been so excited to show everyone!!

@HTHR I can't wait to play this!! It's been a wild fuckin ride watching you develop this beautiful mess and I'm so excited to finally see your work in motion.

@HTHR I'm sure I will! I'm up in Canada and only have my shitty laptop atm but once I'm back in the States I'm gonna grab it. =D

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