Episodes 1 and 2 of EXTREME MEATPUNKS FOREVER are out now!!

Welcome to the sleepy desert town of Sundown...

@HTHR I GOT A MEATPUNKS!!! i cant wait to get home to play iiittt

@HTHR This looks great I shall be buying if and when I have the money. Incidentally if you want a linux tester for future stuff I'd be happy to volunteer.

@HTHR I'm listening to the soundtrack now, and I'm already impressed beyond words.

The game is going to take .... a while ... to download on my internet connection, but I'll post about it once I've been able to play it.

You were featured in Wired AND Rock Paper Shotgun?! Holy crap! Congratulations!!

@HTHR I'm super glad you're getting recognition outside our little corner of the Internet :]

@HTHR heather i'm so proud of you, you worked so hard

i can't wait until i can pick this up and experience what you've been so excited to show everyone!!

@HTHR I can't wait to play this!! It's been a wild fuckin ride watching you develop this beautiful mess and I'm so excited to finally see your work in motion.

@HTHR I'm sure I will! I'm up in Canada and only have my shitty laptop atm but once I'm back in the States I'm gonna grab it. =D

@HTHR Might stream this over the holidays with @amphetamine stay tuned :3c

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