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:hexafriend: @HTHR

"it's okay to be a masculine trans woman"!!!! this sentence hit me in my whole ass entire heart!!!!!!!!

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obviously it is!!! but i've never heard anyone SAY it like that y'know


@Penpen no i haven't!!!!! hi who are you!!!!!!!!!!!!

@HTHR Oh rip...I'm just a weird girl who works on cars and fights a lot

@Penpen i respect that!!!!!!!!!! i also like to fight!!!!!!

@HTHR I'm learning MMA and brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

@Penpen that's rad! i've learned a bit of Muay Thai and really want to get back into it soon, fighting fucking rules

@Penpen i also make art sometimes!!! people tell me it's okay!!!!!!!!

@HTHR I have a black belt in tae kwon do and judo too also I boxed in high school

@Penpen you are more powerful than me i admit but that just makes me want to fight you more tbh!!!