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Episodes 1 and 2 of EXTREME MEATPUNKS FOREVER are out now!!

Welcome to the sleepy desert town of Sundown...

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brain: i'm already tracer
brain: i'm already widowmaker
brain: nerf bastion
brain: i'm already winston

this relationship is a goddamn abbott and costello routine

we're still going, starting a new episode i don't remember

ok fuck it we're doing this. i'm making the rabbit now

like, Midnight. Silence in the Library. Blink. fucking actually good shit

shit, what if we did a movie night of just good doctor who episodes, season 3-4 shit

i gotta say, watching doctor who every week is a GREAT reminder of why i stopped watching doctor who in the first place

@HTHR I do like the idea of a refrigerator only twinks can use tho. Keep an eye out for my kickstarter.

Alright, last jewelry post of the week. There's just two bracelets left in the shop and I got a little carried away taking pictures. Available here, rosemary not included:

alright fuckers here's some discourse about rey from star wars Show more

I'm just a kid who's four / every day I grow some more / I am now six foot four / I'm Caillou
So many things to do / each day is something new / I am now twelve foot two / I'm Caillou

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