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The Kickstarter for EXTREME FOREVER: BOUND BY ASH is NOW LIVE! Gay disasters beating up neonazis in giant robots made of meat!

* Kill fascists!
* Meet a god!
* Steal the sun!


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Do spells! Solve riddles with genderqueer foxes! Debate the nature of reality! Explore the Mystical Forest! Search for your boyfriend, Sherlock Holmes!

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hey y'all, does anyone have any recs for good todo list/notetaking apps? Android and windows cross platform stuff preferred (aka i can take notes on one and see them on the other)

Now it's time for stretch goals!!


Oh jeez, there's a lot of these things.

Let's see how many we can hit with the remaining 28 days!!

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birdsite, elaborate shitposting 

sometimes a segment of @HTHR’s godsforsaken hypertextual labyrinth just surfaces in my birdsite feed

I'm incredibly excited to announce that Extreme Meatpunks Forever: The Roleplaying Game now has a public quickstart available for free!! Check this thread for more info!!

cw body horror, but like, really fucking cool and good body horror

Announcing LADDERDOT, a PWYW arcade game about chasing a dot around a constantly shifting arena of ladders!

Chase high scores with three different game modes, a unique movement mechanic, and an ever-increasing difficulty scale!

Announcing BIRDSONG, a scifi horror collaboration with @Eldritch_Horrorgirl

You are an exobiologist trapped on an inhospitable alien world, forced to study its inhabitants to get a ticket home.

Take risks.
Analyze exofauna.
Discover secrets.

i don't actually think like this anymore btw. like either of em. my current take is that there is a full continuity of self but that self can still change. i was a guy and now i'm not, but the person who existed in this body ten years ago is still in some important way me

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Your new home is burning.
The sky is breaking apart.
It's the end of the world all over again.

The final episode of EXTREME FOREVER: BOUND BY ASH is out now.

Play the full game:
Join the Discord:

Episode 5 of EXTREME FOREVER is out now.

A confession in the eye of the hurricane.

cw body horror in attached image

Episode 4 of EXTREME FOREVER S2 is out now.

There's something watching in the woods.

cw body horror in attached image

Episode 3 of EXTREME FOREVER is OUT NOW!! Hello Again: Lianna returns to her hometown and must contend with the bittersweet reunions that await her under the world's largest mech.

The first two episodes of EXTREME FOREVER: BOUND BY ASH are now available for PC, Mac, and Linux.

Be gay.
Pilot mechs.
Kill fascists.

Episode 3 coming tomorrow.

Now that we're two weeks out from release I'm excited to finally reveal that I did one of the episode title cards for this season of the game, featuring everyone's favorite Brad, Brad! If you haven't played EXTREME MEATPUNKS FOREVER yet, now's a great chance to get into it!

ALSO check out the season 2 trailer here:

EXTREME MEATPUNKS FOREVER: BOUND BY ASH will be coming out in two weeks. Be gay, kill fascists.

OCTOBER 26: Episodes 1+2
OCTOBER 27: Episode 3
OCTOBER 28: Episode 4
OCTOBER 29: Episode 5
OCTOBER 30: Episode 6

Game page:
Trailer link:

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