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i'm that bitch who thinks she's jon bois

ok seriously though this is turning out rad

me, quietly sobbing: ingredience...

ok fuck yes this is starting to come together a little bit

Trans Body Exchange Program

me: whoops, accidentally moved that clip a few frames, lemme press undo
software: what's that? you want it replaced with an entire different clip? is that what you want? huh???? bastard


hell video editing software

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@HTHR This implies he knows how anything else works.

orson scott card has no idea how video games work

my deep desire to cut everything to music vs my deep desire to do combat long cuts

4) spraypaint "SKATEBOARDING IS NOT A CRIME" on every available surface

policies of new gargron hthr:
1) challenge birdsite jack to trial by combat for supremacy
2) bodyslam his fragile nerd form
3) update mastodon so that every time you load the page you get a new folk punk murder ballad

birdsite jack is a DOPE pirate name and i'm so mad about it

if i am the new gargron then i will challenge birdsite jack to trial by combat. whoever loses must close website (but do not tell him abt federation)

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gargron told me if this post gets ten thousand boosts he'll give me the website and i will become the new gargron

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old computer + hi-girl amplifier cranked to about 20x the normal volume + photoshop = you can hear the size of the convolution kernel !!!!

alright, got seven minutes of footage, a dedicated trailer track, and a spreadsheet to put them together

let's do this fucker

thinkin about tryin out a masto client