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Do spells! Solve riddles with genderqueer foxes! Debate the nature of reality! Explore the Mystical Forest! Search for your boyfriend, Sherlock Holmes!

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i didn't intentionally write him as such, but also i can totally fucking see it, y'know?

i've seen a couple different people headcanoning brad ultrabrad as having chronic pain, and lemme just say: Good

???, cass don't read until i get home bc it's a minor surprise Show more

based on all the spammer and gab bullshit lately, I just wanna give a big shout out to all the instance admins and mods who are blocking people and instances left and right and doing their best to protect their users. yall the mvps

fbi agent: so why exactly did you say you were "going to get all gakked up on Mucinex DM and drive a 1976 ford pinto into the pentagon" what did that mean
me, drinking out of a 64 ounce big gulp: i just thought saying that kicked ass and ruled mostly

favorite discworld quote, heartbreaking Show more

favorite discworld quote, heartbreaking Show more

A lot of the nerds on this site never played Tony Hawks Pro Nouns 3 and it shows in their bios

Imagine having a kid, raising them, cherishing them, taking care of all their needs; then one day, when they're eighteen, they tell you "I'm joining the police"

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word count wise, meatpunks s1 was basically me writing my first novel

imagine what i'm gonna do now that i have one of those suckers under my belt

To imagine Meatpunks season 2, take season 1, multiply every weird design decision in it by about 60%, add some slick UI animations, revamp the combat system and art, raise the stakes, raise the gay tension, and have it be written by somebody who's actually done this before now

Q: What genre is Meatpunks season 2?
A: Yes.
Q: What is the general art style for the game?
A: No.

seeing parts of the season 2 kickstarter trailer come together is like fucking magic. this game is unlike literally anything else. this thing is going to blow y'all's faces off

"keep your politics out of this!" --me, trying to get my neighbor to stop their cat 'politics' from coming into my apartment
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