Soundcloud found artists only, now with visuals 

Question re: streaming platforms. 

Did there used to be a local timeline only post function or am I misremembering that?

Got a little lost in the ...

"the horror...
....the horror..."

Forgot there was chill places :)

zoned out on Mastodon there and completely forgot. Hope everybody is well on this pocket :)

New music visuals for old live mix registrations now open! become a cybrepunk now!

Today's #InfoSecProverb :

No need to hurry, the server's hash function operates in constant time.

I like to smoke pot (i.e. cannabis, weed grass buds) and then knit. I like to be stoned while knitting, and knitting while stoned.

I also like cats and hate nazis.

Not so solid on introduction writing but, will answer questions

The xyz’s francophonic timeline makes me feel like I live in a hip French neighborhood. #ouioui

And back to the lovely soothing browny-grey thing..ahhh ... Made in the Dark has a new cassette out

Hey, just to let you know that tomorrow at 4 PM EST (1 PM PST), I am going to stream an attempt to do Randomized Zelda 3: A Link to the Past on my Twitch ( )

Zelda 3 randomizer moves all the items around, so you have to devise a path that gets you past the game's various gates with the items you've got.

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