That little "prrt" cats make when they're drifting off to sleep and you pet them, fave and boost if you agree

many so-called post-transition metals, like lead and tin, tend to be fairly soft

metals are transfeminine, class dismissed

dwarf fortress - strickenplains, :cannabis_leaf: 

Cute Game Boy Color port of Wolfenstein 3D with custom cart

software and abuse patterns (Twitter boost with CW, 349 words) 

Me in early 2018: I want to start learning how to do art but I don’t know if I can really do this

Me now:

i wrote about tools! lots of cool tools!
my new post about the wonderful world of tools made by small teams, solo-devs, and shareware...
weird, beautiful, and experimental things to be creative in
a lot of these are relevant to gamedev

hey, i got a lot of empty slots in my queue and bills to pay since commissions are my primary source of income rn

mh, (-) 

bad: Welcome to the world of POKÉMON! Are you a BOY or a GIRL?

better: Welcome to the world of POKÉMON! What are your pronouns?

ideal: Welcome to the world of POKÉMON! Are you a HUMAN or are you a POKÉMON?

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