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I mentioned before that I snuck and climbed onto my building's roof and took pictures, so here are the pictures I took c:


weed, delinquency 

negative, suicidal ideation 

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bad rpg idea: monster of the week, but all the player characters are monster factory creations

> unnamed company cancels position I was interviewing for in one of their subsidiaries after firing tons of employees
> unnamed company offers me pencil-pushing, do-nothing job as reconciliation
> me, thinking about taking it anyway because a job is a job even though I hate everything evil company makes

I'm making a mobile horror game about texting and driving

If anyone is interested in collabing, shoot me a msg :)

I'm in need of some artistic help from someone who knows how to make fucky monster things, esp. in 3D

thanks <3

I watched Alita: Battle Angel. It's legitimately the worst movie I feel I've ever seen. It fucking sucks. I actually Hate It™

here's why

I'm implementing a silly visual recursive puzzle solution in C++ and have decided to draw all the colors as the trans and enby flags

It makes me happpppyyyyyyy to be doing this dumb coding

Can we talk about the upcoming Mountain Goats album

"This album began life as a rock opera about a besieged seaside community called Riversend ruled by a benevolent wizard, for which some five to seven songs were written."

this album is gonna have the sauce y'all

I get irrationally angry when absolute snakes of people get jobs when friends I know who are actual good and hardworking people struggle to find work because they don't know how to talk themselves up as well or lie their way into a position

like, fuck, there's no justice in this world

My creative employment aspirations read like an unrealistic dating site profile.

"young developer seeking incredibly wealthy and talented game artist with a lot of money, free time, and seaside or mountainside house with rent-free basement to make games"

made a cozy game about movin into a new place for global game jam

this was a Good Weekend

I keep telling myself I shouldn't make an ides I have because it's not unique enough but I oughta follow the wise words of this image my friend sent me as a thumbnail for a game jam track they made

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su spoilerish, 

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steven universe spoiler 

Steven Universe Spoilers 

Some more photo spam

gotta go camping once I'm back in CA so I can get some like these there

or just get a bunch of grungy urban pics

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