Hey there Mastodon. It's uh, been a while but uh...

Here's a video game about an erotic role playing forum and digital relationships


CW: no explicit imagery, but hyper explicit sexual language, mentions of extreme kinks, and lots of furry shit

rant about city slickefs 

Painting my nails was a surprisingly anxiety-reducing activity. Plus now I feel pretty :3

Also, I'm v surprised at how much I like the results. The peel-off polish I got is forgiving to a first-time newb such as myself.

selfie (face covered) 

mh, ask for help & advice 


Reckless driving 

hazy suburbia

I imagine teens playing D&D in all these house’s basements

also I've been consumed by LANCER and mecha so have this roboboi model in progress

mh, self-harm (+) 

making some prototypes

forcing myself not to make a Basements & Bugbears sequel



I have to face the peers I know in school who have gotten real positions doing real work that they are passionate about and tell them to their face that I got a joke job for joke pay.

I'm fucking ashamed. I can't fucking do it.

I was told I needed to accept a design internship before knowing my wages or responsibilities.

Well, I accepted, and turns out I'm doing marketing and web dev for minimum wage.

What the actual fuck

Gryph relayed

@Gryph0n And the second woodcutter replied: Yes, but all that time I spent sitting, I was sharpening my ax.

how does anybody ever recover from burnout

mh-, drug use 

perks of non-straight sexuality:
I crush on both members of couples I write for games

cons of being gay:
the good boy in this couple is gonna die in the game (spoilers I guess) and it's fucking me up real bAD because i LIKE HIM

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