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So I know that I should use a VM when doing these crackmes. I know this. Running suspicious binaries off random websites is risky, and even if I *Think* I know what it does from my static analysis I should still be safe.

But it still feels wearing safety goggles for measuring how fast water is boiling.

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When I first started using VIM, it felt like an imposition I was making on myself. Like, "why do I have to learn all this stuff just to edit text, this is annoying."

Now, it's much fun. I feel like a wizard. I'm still a relative novice, but even just moving around ciw-ing stuff in code feels good.

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the year is 2051. the bluesky team has been revealed to be Dark Eugen, who has plunged social media into an era of chaos with Friendcoin, a social network currency that has now replaced most official national currencies and is based entirely on your profitability as a profile. the Mastodon team has gone into hiding working on ActivityPub 4.0, a superweapon that will deal a crippling blow to Jack Dorsey's armies of TERF defenders

Man I want to cut discord out, but too much of my social life is on there.

The network effect sucks.

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I heard you like bad boys.

Well, I was such a bad boy that I flunked out of masculinity entirely.

My brain has finally let go of the giant robot game and is willing to read code again.

Finally. Let's see how much I've forgotten in the past week.

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become lesbians

Current mood: That feeling when you realize your friends have been humouring your quixotic quest for a better implementation to a common problem and you feel both very loved and deeply embarrassed.

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the new season of "lynne tries to fix obscure hardware issues" is out now

including such classic moments as "it's not supposed to be doing this", "how does his even happen", and "but the documentation said"

Today feels like a good day to spend playing videogames. Gotta remember that I can't force myself to study *all* the time.

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if you still write python 2.7 code in 2019: is there any way we can get you to stop


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