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If you are looking for my more serious account - @gothichakubi

This is my more nerdy ranting and fun account.

Think the programming gods hate me, developing my first smart contract for another person and embarrassed how messy my code is

[Looking at CT’s old 5+ year old CompTIA study notebook with her]

CT: Was I studying Networking or Witchcraft?
Me: Looks like a P2P network

(It was a diagram of P2P)

Finally getting around to re-reading Manga.

I don't care what people say, Mizore Shirayuki is the best girl of the series

"Nobody is even using Safari anyway, look at the Google Analytics stats"

that's maybe because Safari is blocking Google Analytics by default you dickhead!

Finally got around to fixing my laptop, so I am back and will be posting more often

Watching the and so far it's got nothing. Who cares about 5G? I rather a phone with a headphone jack

Anyone want to explain why there is a Random Santa in this Japanese TV Show?

So my bank flagged Patreon as "unusual banking activity" so looks like I'm going downtown Monday

I am trying out Dragon NaturallySpeaking to post this

You know what's missing from E-Sports? Punk Rock and Plus Sized Cheerleaders in Cosplay...Just saying

Watching Russian Hockey and listening to the infamous audio book "Hey Rube" since CSGO ESports isn't on for few more hours

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