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If you are looking for my more serious account - @gothichakubi

This is my more nerdy ranting and fun account.

Watching the and so far it's got nothing. Who cares about 5G? I rather a phone with a headphone jack

Anyone want to explain why there is a Random Santa in this Japanese TV Show?

So my bank flagged Patreon as "unusual banking activity" so looks like I'm going downtown Monday

I am trying out Dragon NaturallySpeaking to post this

wow just saw this on the registration page

You know what's missing from E-Sports? Punk Rock and Plus Sized Cheerleaders in Cosplay...Just saying

Watching Russian Hockey and listening to the infamous audio book "Hey Rube" since CSGO ESports isn't on for few more hours

Me: Look, I was asked for my thoughts on Azumanga Daioh, I didn't expect a kind of Japanese Inquisition!!!!

The Japanese Inquisition:

Is there anyone who can recommend a few tutorials on taking a large #SQL [PostgreSQL] Database of Player/Match data [749064 games, 351613 matches] and use #R to find outliers.

Writing about possible match fixing in Pro StarCraft and an idea for an warning system

TheOnion: "let's make some absurdist pieces just to balance out the doom and gloom, y'know?"

2020: *cracks knuckles*

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