Toots are pings. Favorites are florps. Boosts are relays. Up is down. Yesterday is tomorrow. The sky is the colour of a television tuned to a dead channel.

@Gallowglass yep very interesting how that line embedded itself in my mind 2 decades ago, and is never left . . .

@Gallowglass Yes, but here in Cloudbank, you can just vote on what color sky and what kind of weather you want.

@Gallowglass I honestly thought "OMG that last sentence is awesome" and I actually googled to check if you came up with it yourself. I think I'll finally bite the bullet and give William Gibson a try.

Also, sorry for doubting your ability to come up with such amazing​ sentence yourself. :) If that was original, I was going to reply "whoa, you should be a writer!" :)

@hisham_hm - Start with Neuromancer, but you probably already knew that.
I can't claim much of anything that comes out of my mouth/hands/ I-O ports is original, and if I did I'd be lying. I'm way too much a product of my obsessions and subcultures to say otherwise.

@Gallowglass The ouroboros comes round again - this has the scent of

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