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Reintroduction post 

I am a cis male/ bi-slash-pan/ white/ atheist/ a tired and angry liberal.

My interests:

I used to run an anime convention.
I'm in the western US, am unfortunately monolingual, and really need a change of scenery.

Using coconut cream as a coffee creamer is... different.

pen hobby nonsense 

Today's . I've got too many pens inked up right now.

Hilariously, the answer to this is one, once my Ready100 system finally gets here.

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I need to get an account on one of the art-themed instances, just not sure which one. I remember having a pawoo account years ago but like hell I remember those credentials.

personal art 

I put in some time at the café today to do some practice, for the first time in basically forever. My hands shake like mad (coffee probably doesn't help) but after the first half an hour or so it calmed down to a controllable level.
I'm incredibly rusty, but I'm not quite as bad off as I was expecting. Definitely need to put a lot more time into my sketchbooks before I'll be able to do anything with this stuff though.

Jeeze, a little bit of pay-it-forward karma I earned earlier today already came back to me - five delayed packages all showed up this afternoon.

I really need to get my optics updated. Eyestrain is killin' my ability to do anything remotely useful.

I'm lowkey obsessed with sub-notebook computers like the Toshiba Libretto and late '00s Sony VAIOs, but I've never been able to articulate why. I've looked into the modern GDP palmtops but it's just not the same. I suspect it's a form factor thing.

Game prep for tomorrow night is done. I need to resist the urge to rush to an acceptable end point so we can get on to the next campaign but wow it's difficult.

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TTRPG nerd stuff 

New TTRPG stuff that came in the mail today. This right on the heels of Massif releasing the Karrakin guide book for Lancer - I'm going to be doing a lot of reading this weekend.

LANCER has been my new gaming crush for about three years going now; running it at my first GenCon is going to be a treasured memory, and we wrapped up our first home campaign about two months ago. I'm itching to pick it back up already.

Starset is in town next month. I've been avoiding live concerts but I don't know if it's worth the wait anymore.

mental health 

I spent about two years away from social media as a whole (aside from discord), mostly to let my anxiety and stress levels descend back to mere mortal levels. A lot of shit has changed for me in the past four years, and it doesn't look like that's going to slow down any time soon, but I am at least well enough now to start experimenting in the social media spaces again.
I picked the birdsite back up a few months ago, but now like so many others I'm pretty sure I need to be somewhere else.

Well, it's been a minute. Time to see what's changed around here.

Oh HECK, Sukeban games is putting out a sequel VA-11 HALL-A!?

How many Raspberry Pi units would it take to build a briefcase-sized cyberdeck, I wonder.

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