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Oh HECK, Sukeban games is putting out a sequel VA-11 HALL-A!?

How many Raspberry Pi units would it take to build a briefcase-sized cyberdeck, I wonder.

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Microsoft's lost that lovin' feelin'.

The Verge: Microsoft to ‘warn’ Windows 10 users not to install Chrome or Firefox.

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Today's tarot draw is Two of Wires from
Themes for this card include: Progress, discovery, planning.

"You have started on a journey and now need to scout and plan the route forward. It's time to step outside of your comfort zone and begin to find your way in new and uncharted territory. Keep your thoughts on your goal and keep moving towards it."

#illustration #cyberpunk #tarot #mastoart

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Two things I did learn from revisiting my old LJ:
- I used to be a lot more aggressively confident. Obnoxiously so, even.
- I used to post huge rambling screeds rather than fire off short tired quips. I honestly didn't remember that.

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I feel like the more positive version of the "controversial opinion" thing that goes around all the time is:
defend something you think people were unfair to.

Oh man, why did I go back and look at my old livejournal?!

Five items to put in a salt circle to summon me:
- A bottle of Jamaican rum
- A bottle of red or black ink.
- sandalwood incense
- a vinyl copy of Queensyrche's 'Operation Mindcrime'
- A copy of 'SDF Macross Do You Remember Love?' signed by Shouji Kawamori.

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