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@jasminehenry Twitter has become the Roman Forum of our age. A roaring sea of argument, demagogues and aggressive marketing as far as the eye can see where every citizen best keep their wits about them.

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@popon Visualize yourself on a bright and active street. Now find yourself the closest dumpster in a sidestreet. Visualize your crappy day as a moldy sandwich in a brown paper bag.

Imagine yourself doing a kick ass toss from the head of the ally and landing the shot right in the waiting dumpster and then walking off to find adventure ^_^

Status report: Bees... and slightly gassy

Recovering from a night of indulgence. cw: alcohol use 

That moment when your partner texts you: "Hey uh so... My mom is coming in with me. Can you make sure all sex stuff is stashed somewhere?"


From 3000 to Inbox 0 on two main accounts without declaring inbox bankruptcy. Woo!

Well, that was the most stressful experience I've had in the past 3 years. My only saving grace through all of it was that I didn't jump on the bed and sob until an adult reassured me.

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Sometimes I realize I'm weird. Like how I listen to busy air traffic control to relax.

Then I forget about it and snuggle back in with my cat to the rhythmic call and response of JFK Tower shepherding each plane into the smooth dance in the sky taking place 800 km away from me...

Staying up all night watching hot, action packed, pilot informational training and groundschool videos.
Awww yis. Gonna get me that pilot's license one day.

My cat is so fucking precious. Look at him on top of this cactus pillow.

I'm obsessed with general aviation right now. I can't wait to go up in an intro flight.
The dream of traveling cross country around Canada, the US and possibly to Europe is so overwhelmingly awesome.
If I had my pilot's license, I could fly home for the holidays in 15 minutes airtime.

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Hey gamers I just discovered the lenovo yoga book's lid magnets are strong enough to stick it to things

For context, it was streaming a webcam from one place to another... and no, VLC and ffmpeg both didn't work when a simple "clone this repo and run this script" did.

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Yesterday, the simplest solution to the problem I'd been battling for 4 hours was some random Perl that I can't read... I feel dirty.

Today has been an exploration of many stacks: DBus, BlueZ, Bluetooth LE GATT
I still don't have my application working but at least I know some lovely new words.

Question: Does DBus just not get a lot of use by hackers or is it just me?

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