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honestly the live countdown of free kilobytes on the hacked Xbox dashboard as you FTP stuff across might be the silliest and yet most adorable console homebrew feature I’ve ever seen

Hey, can the PinePhone run Android apps? Because that'd be awesome, there's a whole /world/ of open source apps we just can't tap into right now because iOS.

Hah, got it working!

So in the other file you don't have to do anything. In the /main/ file you have to do "mod foo;" and then "use foo::*;"

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How annoying is it to call C code from Rust? Do I have to write a wrapper for every single function?

(That's one of the things we love about Swift, it does that automatically, but I don't know if that's common.)

Hey, so we're new to Rust. How do I import something in one file from another file?

Swift is awesome...
being unable to statically link it is literally the /only/ reason I'm not using it for basically everything. >,,>

I don't know, maybe I should just use C++ and avoid the things I really hate like the "cout <<" thing.

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What's a good object-oriented language that
– isn't C++ or Java or Python
– can call C libraries
– either can be used with stuff in most Linux package managers, or be statically linked?

Rust is tempting, but it's also got a bit of a learning curve. I'd use Swift, but it's not in package managers and I can't statically link it, so I can't really distribute binaries to people.

Oh and ideally this'd be callable from C, so I can use whatever language; I don't really know C++.

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Hey, how do you do simple audio synthesis on Linux [programmatically]? I bet there's libraries for that but I don't know what to use...

I want to remake the ocarina from Zelda Ocarina of Time. :3

Does anyone have any idea what would cause Wine to conflict with a bunch of other packages on our Ubuntu system?

...the problem seems to be libodbc1:i386, which wants to remove G'MIC.

at the very least. There could be other conflicts we haven't found.

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you can take my inhumanity when you pry it from my cold, dead scrabbly dabblers

Hot take: Permanent configuration (like repository locations, or whether to not spy on me) should not be stored only in an environment variable.

Able to set it with an environment variable? Sure, go for it! But give me a config option too please.

I keep getting pinged over here in conversations that started on my other account and maybe making an account with a "Frost" @ was actually a bad idea, heh.

So how is the PinePhone these days?

Thinking about getting one at some point but I don't know if it'd be usable.

We don't need it to do actual /phone/ stuff at this point because we're keeping our iPhone, but being able to use it as a pocket computer would be pretty cool.

Oookay, now nginx isn't accepting connections and /doesn't say why./

Hey, how do I put LXC containers on our LAN?

I'm using the old LXC, because I am /not/ using Snap and LXD seems to only be installable that way.

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