i wouldn't want a tool that blocks me from tooting over a certain amount in a day, because if it was a hard limit i'd get grumpy and if i could be like "give me 5 more" i'd just keep doing that. but i could maybe do with a tool that tells me how many toots i've made in a day so i can be more cognizant of it because i think i toot too much*... i just have a lot of thoughts ok

*clearly this isnt stopping me from tooting more, it just makes me feel vaguely bad while still doing the thing

@Hexephre there's nothing wrong with posting lots imo! although yeah it's easy for muis to get sucked into fedi for a long time and having a tracker for that helps a little

@azowoza i don't wanna flood my followers, and i know i don't have to cater to anyone on my personal social media but i also like having followers :P

@Hexephre @azowoza i'm a follower who would love to see more about ur characters n stuff :3

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@Fragment ahh thank you that's so sweet of you 🥺 i really ought to post about my ocs more! goodness only knows i have way too many LOL

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