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we've been informed about firefox container tabs and we're looking into it, so where to go is probably solved, thank y'all for the help :3

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is there a way to easily use multiple accts on the same instance at the same time?

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great now our darn breaker has just started popping at semi-random with no warning. grrrrrr

assistance request, semi-urgent 

so, our house main breaker is old and dying so certain loads that are normally supposed to be fine on it currently flip it.

said loads notably include our oven and microwave so we currently cannot cook without flipping the breaker.

this is, unsurprisingly, really freaking annoying and inconvenient.

we're hoping for some money to allow us to order out as a method of working around the breaker issues. anything helps. please.

begpost, kinda urgent, please boost 

I just had to eat the lion's share of a $300 compressor belt replacement for my car so I still have my ability to escape this abusive situation I live in. Any help you can offer to help pay this bill would be greatly appreciated. <3

Venmo: @GayDragonGirl

a gift commission from jemli to a friend who wasnt feeling so good of their orca vaporeon oc

which is still just...such a good oc design.

drawn during one of the streams

Assistance request 

so, uh, we... need some help. our one partner who can work is in the hospital and likely will be for several days, which is gonna really hurt our income for this month, and we need some help buying food and groceries and stuff

anything helps

for wolf, done on one of the streams!

this water-cooled dragon immediately made my brain think of fire engines for no discernable reason, so they're just taking up residence on the world's most hastily scribbled firetruck. look at that work of art. really bask in it lmfao

someone shared with me a video about a Kobold Kannon and it feels like exactly the sort of thing i'd come up with

Gender is a construct.

Build one that fits. :trans_comm:

Respecting someone's gender or pronouns isn't conditional on whether you like them or whether they have bad morals

Hey folks, minor PSA regarding fediverse etiquette: autocensorship, word filters, and text-to-speech 

C*ns*r*ng w*rds l*k* th*s, by dropping asterisks or other symbols in the middle of the word in place of a letter? It breaks word filters and fucks up text-to-speech readers. Please don't.

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