A good friend of mine and upcoming hip-hop artist is throwing a live show tonight! Tune in at 7:30 MST to show some local underground music support!

Livestream here -

Find him at epAdemyk.com

Please boost for local, upcoming artists everywhere that deserve a larger audience. This is one dude that certainly worth the toot!

#music #livestream #hiphop

Wow, tons of new followers here... Hi everybody! 👋

I need to stop taking on projects, how much more can I really do?

#MarkBray 'OK, if you don’t think that it’s appropriate to physically confront and to stand in front of neo-Nazis who are trying to organize for another genocide now, do you do it after someone has died, as they just did? Do you do it after a dozen people have died? Do you do it once they’re at the footsteps of power? At what point? At what point do you say, "Enough is enough," and give up on the liberal notion that what we need to do is essentially create some sort of a regime of rights that allow neo-Nazis and their victims to coexist, quote-unquote, "peacefully," and recognize that the neo-Nazis don’t want that and that also the anti-fascists are right in not looking at it through that liberal lens, but rather seeing fascism not as an opinion that needs to be responded to respectfully, but as an enemy to humanity that needs to be stopped by any means necessary?'


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My daughters school bought the wrong glasses, and are barring all kids from going outside during the eclipse. I'm going to get her now, just left work. We even made a 'box viewer ' so she could watch.
Too significant to miss this event IMHO. TV won't show the magnitude of our universe to a 6 yr old like it should.

the eclipse is cool cause like, its not arranged by anyone, its not under anyone's control, it just happens, a few times per lifetime, on a path with absolutely no human significance, and briefly makes significant many modest places

@Fr1t2 also the other day I was wondering how to attract more hawks so our overpopulated rabbit community would be thinned.
Apparently I need to scare the squirrels away

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woke up today to find 5 hawks sitting in our dead tree. We see them sometimes around the house, just not 5 at a time.
Weird thing was happening, a squirrel was antagonizing the hawks, kept running up on them, the hawks moved away from him.

he should have been dinner for the huge birds. Never seen quite a site!

Contractor out today working on our project. I look down at his steel toe boots, notice no socks...

think to myself. "fkn savages"

where did that come from? why do I have such an adversion to someone else's foot choices, I straight up got offended lol

We have collected some parts already for the project.
So far we have;
*12v 7ah sla batt
*charge regulator
*PIR for occupancy
*water pump
*some lights
*fans to cool the place down

Since we don't have a budget we are scrounging for parts. I would like to incorporate some dog specific tech but I can't think of any.

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Took on a fun project at work, nothing like adding to the load with unnecessary obligations.
We're building a dog house. Highlighting solar energy, re-purposed material etc. They call it apparently it's a whole thing.
Anyways the houses will be judged and auctioned off at the end with $$ going to the Dumb Friends League. Pretty rad if you ask me.
We are given a 250w PV panel and told go! (BTW there's no budget so...)
I'm brainstorming ways to automate the house.

Any ideas?

HAPPY 1.5 BILLION SECONDS SINCE EPOCH!!!l 1500000000 seconds since epoch

more I read into things expected to be secured, more I worry.

*walks over to drawer, gets foil out
*fashions new hat and puts on
*fashions much smaller hat, puts on cat

there, much better now.


I found this USB thing in the parking lot; I'll plug it in and see what's on it


We were all young once, and without schooling from those that came before us, we’d be left ignorant, acting a fool, sucking balloons in the lot, not realizing the main event lies only feet away

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Recall that time when the kind older head gifted you a miracle, that night you got your first “Morning Dew!?”

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"Do you recollect that first time on lot looking for a ticket, when that tour vet taught you the magic of waving a pointer finger high?"

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