Jesus Christ tar files are such a mess


@cinebox how about vpk files

no uppercase letters
no multiple dots in filenames
no permissions or ownership or anything like that unless you use the metadata blob that no game uses (AFAIK)
version 2 adds support for multiple dots in filenames and also MD5 checksums and RSA signatures

@ben what would the point of supporting permissions or ownership in vpk be? to my understanding it's meant for distributing game assets, not as a general purpose archive format

@Flisk it also supports having fragmented files but nothing uses that as far as I know (to the point where to my knowledge only the official implementation actually implements the file list reader correctly)

@ben that's an interesting tidbit but it doesn't answer my question

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@Flisk that's because there isn't a good answer

you are correct about it being pointless because it's meant for distributing game assets

@ben oh alright. i thought i might have missed something

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