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This is the most detailed movie ever recorded the Sun's 5500°C surface. Those shapes you can see here, called granules, are convection cells of solar plasma. Hot plasma wells up from below, cools, and sinks. The Sun's entire surface is constantly turbulently roiling like this.

Solar granules have an average diameter of around 1000 km, so most of these are larger than France!

Credit: National Solar Observatory/AURA/NSF

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seriously, nixos is one “wtf this is awesome”-moment after another

friendship ended with gentoo
now nixos is my best friend

xterm is to linux what old cmd.exe is to windows

just saw two adorable beautiful pupys on the bus. feeling very hapy

so i'm fond of the term "tarball", right,
but how did we not end up calling them "tarchives"?

inconsistently periodic reminders:
• stay hydrated
• cut, file and clean your nails
• wash your hands
• praise the sun
• trans rights

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to a developer, the meaning of "release build" is twofold:
- it's meant to be released
- it releases you from the hell of creating it

telling people about available and cheap domains that are relevant to their nicks/projects is praxis.

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Imagine not putting stickers on your ThinkPad

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