Hey friends, if you're not disabled please could you answer the questions on this anonymous spreadsheet for me?

Or if you know someone who isn't disabled the please pass it on to them to fill out. I'm collecting research into what non-disabled folks do in their "spare time" and trying to figure out how best to "motivate" them to help disabled folks do things that are hard/stressful.

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For disabled I mean;

1. Physical disabilities (examples include fibromyalgia, MS, EDS, chronic pain, and wheelchair users, but there are many more)

2. Neurodivergent disabilities (examples include dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD, autism, and dyscalcula, but there are many more)

3. Mental health issues (examples include depression, bi-polar depression, anxiety disorders and OCD but there are many more)


I should point out that I have a vague memory that some people debate whether mental health issues should be classed as disabilities but for the purpose of this project it doesn't matter.

I'm attempting to get people who find life extra hard (due to mental health or disability or whatever), help to do hard/difficult/stressful things.


Erm... Can you edit the spreadsheet at all? If not ill change it. Basically just add your answers on the next row down underneath the questions. 🙂


I've just changed the permissions on the spreadsheet so you should be able to edit it now. 🙂

@Finnarchist If you're going to collect data from people, I'd suggest you use Google Forms instead! It's a much nicer interface for folks to answer with, and you can tell it to feed into a spreadsheet anyway. With the open spreadsheet, people can view the edit history and edit others' answers...

Oh yeah. I've done that before and I have no idea why I didn't do that this time. Silly me! Ooooooppppps. I'll change that asap then (on my lunch break in 5 hours hahaha)

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