Extract from Mechanical Principles (1930) by Ralph Steiner. The entire film is an exploration of mechanical movements

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Long, advice request 

Does anyone have any thoughts on how to broach the topic of "I want to go out raving/dancing more but we don't have loads of extra money and I know you're not keen on it and spending our money on joint fun is probably *better*" with my partner?

I wish there was a step-by-step guide to this kind of stuff but it's super specific and idk my brain is just flailing around going "your body needs to dance and it would really help me too". Idk.

Hey friends, does anyone know of any "mutual aid" type apps or websites (UK based please) out there?

My own mutual aid website/idea is still in the very early stages of set-up and I'm kinda feeling the strain of life atm. 😔

Deaf/deaf, hard of hearing stuff 

Hey friends, do I know anyone in the UK who's Deaf/deaf or hard of hearing (or who knows someone who is)?

I'm starting to finally accept (after 5-ish years wearing a hearing aid) that I'm partially deaf and really want to start learning BSL to better communicate in noisy environments and stuff but like idk where to start looking.

I Googled it but all I'm finding are massively expensive courses and website links that send me in circles. 😕

Friends in the UK..... Cheap, reliable, no installation (or at least weekend installation) broadband providers?


Hey friends (especially folks), I wanna take this arduino project (link below) and change it up so that its continually vibrating but the frequency (I guess?) changes depending on the time of the day. Do you reckon it would be possible?


Ideally I'd love a watch where the output is just continual haptic feedback but idk whether or not the changes in frequency would be too subtle to feel?

Yo & , does anyone know of an app (or something) that allows you to create notifications based on when a website posts something?

I want to get involved with more remix and dj competitions but my executive functions means I forget to check the main places very often and I'd love to find a way I can get notifications (either app based or maybe e-mail idk?) when competitions are posted. Any ideas?

less than 48 hours left, please help me survive 

Added an update on the landlord situation:

I've got about 32 hours left, then things start to really fall apart for my personal safety.
Anything helps.

A share, a like, a word of encouragement...anything.

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I know that at some point soon I wanna buy more leave-in condition from but the real question is.... could I mix glitter into it to make my hair glittery?

Hey (or anyone who has vague knowledge), does anyone have any tips for making more audible/prominent when doing a ?

Obviously I could just turn the bass up but that would ruin the mix when heard on a "decent" system.

I'm thinking that maybe adding something subtle around the 500hz point might work but like I cut all my other sounds at 300hz so they don't interfere with my bass so this idea is probably counter-productive.

Any ideas?

Hey friends, I'm making a google sheet* and I'm wondering if there's a similar function to "countif" or "sumif" except it auto populates cells in a different tab if one column contains x?

Like "copy all columns and rows from sheet 1 IF column B equals X"

In my case "X" will be a location (bedside table or wardrobe but that's not super important to know)

(*I'd use excel but eventually I want it to be accessible to me and my partner via nfc)

Hey folks, does anyone know of a way to get my xml file to stop putting each column on a new row in Excel? Coz it's fucking annoying and I know nothing about XMl stuff.

Alternatively, if you know how to create an XSL template and wouldn't mind helping me create one then hit me up!

I've been spending a fair bit of time thinking about anarchy and ways that it can be applied to the capitalist society that I live in but I keep drawing blanks.

Anyone for any ideas on how I can engage in some "practical anarchy"?

Memory issues, potential for gas lighting, relationships 

Hey folks, what do you do if two people in a relationship both have memory issues and occasionally argue about whether someone said x or y?

Also what do you do if one of the people has a family history of psychosis and has a much more emotionally charged reason for being right all the time?

Hey friends, I've got a much more aesthetically pleasing and easier to understand/fill in form asking the same questions as the spreadsheet I posted earlier! Please share this around and let's get neurotypical folks answering so I can so "scientific" research on what makes NT's tick and how best to get them to help disabled folks to get scary/difficult/hard/pointless shit done!



I should point out that I have a vague memory that some people debate whether mental health issues should be classed as disabilities but for the purpose of this project it doesn't matter.

I'm attempting to get people who find life extra hard (due to mental health or disability or whatever), help to do hard/difficult/stressful things.

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For disabled I mean;

1. Physical disabilities (examples include fibromyalgia, MS, EDS, chronic pain, and wheelchair users, but there are many more)

2. Neurodivergent disabilities (examples include dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD, autism, and dyscalcula, but there are many more)

3. Mental health issues (examples include depression, bi-polar depression, anxiety disorders and OCD but there are many more)

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Hey friends, if you're not disabled please could you answer the questions on this anonymous spreadsheet for me?

Or if you know someone who isn't disabled the please pass it on to them to fill out. I'm collecting research into what non-disabled folks do in their "spare time" and trying to figure out how best to "motivate" them to help disabled folks do things that are hard/stressful.


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