Ok, do your best Gonzo impression. Right now. Ok, great, now do your best Marge Simpson impression. 

Ancient Japanese beautician: Alright your highness, it is for you to decide what the most beautiful traits are in a woman.
Ancient Japanese monarch: White skin.
Beautician: Okay...
Monarch: Like chalk white.
Beautician: Of course.
Monarch: Black teeth.
Beautician: Bl- wait what
Monarch: No eyebrows.

My stomach makes sounds like jumping in Yoshi's Island and my mouth makes sounds like random encounters in Undertale, AMA.

Movie pitch: Footloose but in reverse.


I like: Godzilla, movies, low-poly stuff, and cartoons.
I don't like: hashtags

VR-Master, seen here trying to dodge a virtual bullet with his foot.

I'm Euan! I have a YouTube called Bright Side Euan and a podcast called @WhileAway. I like: Godzilla, Sonic, Ninja Turtles, Dear Evan Hansen, Life is Strange, Usagi Yojimbo, Doctor Who, Hamilton, Sum 41, Patent Pending, Studio Ghibli, Spider-Man, MBMBaM, being Canadian and pumpkin pie. Also here are my favourite movies arranged in order because I care: imdb.com/list/ls062326833


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