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New plan, I'm just gonna infodump my way through this essay and THEN I will come back and tighten it up and try to get it under the word count.

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more autism fun facts: we are proven to be more sensitive to sounds at the extreme ends of our hearing range, and less sensitive to ones in the middle.

love that low thrum or any music with bass? hate the piercing whine many electronics make but other folks don't notice? struggle with appropriate volume for speech and audio around "normal" folks?

you might be autistic :autism:

How many annotated bibliographies can you write in one day before your brain melts? Asking for a me.

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So for anyone who wasn't following, Google pressured a bunch of #fediverse app developers to do an impossible thing and in the end they had to delete their app off the Play Store

Here is a good synopsis by @SubwayTooter

Yall okay like I was expecting to be the only Jew at my college but I think I might be the only Jew in living memory who's ever attended it send HELP SEND HELP

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@liaizon @SubwayTooter

The fact that they'd ban fedi clients and not the crazy predatory gambling crap that litters their store is evidence enough you shouldn't be letting google decide what software you run on your system imo

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current events 

I can't decide if I like this one or the crab one better.

I learned an important lesson today and that's do not start your days with intense depression, especially not when you have a D&D game and a lot of schoolwork to do.

I would actually argue that what we have isn't a cyberPUNK dystopia unless we -punk it ourselves; what we have is a cyberAUTHORITARIAN dystopia.

i hate capitalism but also especially the gig economy 

I don’t necessarily think GrubHub and UberEats should be illegal, but I do think their employees should legally be employees with guaranteed wages, benefits, and no garnished tips, and that UberEats should be able to pay a worker $0 (entire ‘wage’ covered by ‘tip’ paid by customer), have a restaurant pay them for the service and still make $12-15 on an average order for doing literally nothing but charging money to everyone involved so I guess I kind of do think that GrubHub and UberEats should be illegal.

What is one meant to do in a zoom class after they finish the test... do I just sit here. Am I allowed to be on my phone. Why is this more boring than sitting in class.

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"twerp" is a term meaning "twink into erotic roleplay"

By the way my textbook in this class is from 1938 in case you ever thought that maybe education in america was moving forward

time spent learning about education this semester: 2h
time spent complaining about the state of education this semester: 800h

Guess what I'm back and I'm here to vagueblog about the process of becoming a teacher in the state of West Virginia

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It's kind of important to me that you know that my mom has been stuck here during the weekdays and for the first time possibly ever in her life she's had a LOT of free time. She has spent it,,, getting really into BTS and binge-watching old RUN BTS episodes. (RM and Yoongi compete for her bias, V is her bias wrecker, I get to hear my 62 year old mother use these terms and my life is so blessed)

Yesterday I spent 130k bells on a cello (once again channeling @Prawnlegs ). I raided my friend's island for fruit to afford it, after dressing up like a wild west bandit. Art imitates life because I WOULD rob a friend IRL to afford a cello, were that an option.

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