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My shock when a free program actually does what it's advertised to do without locking it behind a paid upgrade... it's palpable.

I'm on quarantine day 46 and time has ceased to have any meaning

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Instead of doing anything to mitigate her odds of giving me the plague, my mom has, without consulting me, just attempted to put a half-mil life insurance policy on me. So like, that's happening


My current quarantine mood is "constantly on the verge of tears" and I've been living here for about ten days.

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Hey San Diego comrades,

PSL San Diego is launching a campaign to demand a moratorium on evictions, foreclosures, and utility shut-offs with no accumulation of debt from missed payments!

And, will be taking these demands to local government bodies.

You can endorse the campaign via a google form →

(from Jose Cortes's post

I had to go out for some basic supplies (read: the freezer was empty) so I decided to stop and get some pizza and hoo boy. Wow. The amount of dopamine released by this pizza after weeks and weeks of nothing but my own cooking is INTENSE. This could be a fucking five star steak for as pleased as my little gremlin brain is right now.

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It's getting to the stage where while no one I know is sick (because NONE OF US can get tested, period), everyone KNOWS someone (wealthier) who is sick. Pretty much everyone I know is either an essential worker or forced to work anyway (seriously, I know someone who works at an OUTDOOR TENT company, they are getting NO business, but they have to go into work anyway, which would means public transportation for a lot of them).

Everyone wants to take it seriously but can't, or can take it seriously but doesn't want to. I can't handle the concept that it's not even at the worst part yet, because it's already so bad and so many states and countries are doing literally nothing.

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*Liberal voice* Even though I knew he subscribed to a hideously unthinkable ideology, he seemed nice to me. Therefore, I think a lot of the criticism here is unfounded. How could someone who is nice to me personally be a hideous monster to other people? Clearly, he's the victim here.


I made the dire mistake of going onto the COVID chat on the nanowrimo website and... there are really people who expect this to blow over in a matter of WEEKS. I heard *mid April.* I finally understand why there's announcements and warnings shoved in our face constantly. Some people are really out here living in ab-so-lute denial of reality.

I left the house for the first time in 10 days to get some groceries, it is KIND OF INSANE out there, huh. People will buy all the eggs in every grocery store but I saw three whole people wearing masks of any kind and all of them were employees.

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The only thing keeping me even slightly sane rn is regular walks outside. It's nice out there! Birds and rabbits and bugs still exist. The world's still turning. It helps me keep a sense of scale.

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I'm immunocompromised, but here I am trying to figure out if I should donate my tiny box of surgical masks that I've had since last October to the hospital and just rely on my one reuseable mask. Meanwhile I bet there's some rich white family of four that's sitting on an entire store room full.

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I got the flu during a plague outbreak... the irony. It's my punishment for repeating to my family, over and over, that I was at much more risk from the flu than the coronavirus. I was right, and I regret it.

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fpses are point-and-clicks because your point your mouse at the enemy and click to shoot them

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remake where the ghostbusters are still men but the epa regulators trying to get them to stop using massive amounts of energy to hold the souls of the dead hostage in a bizarre toxic slurry are women and also the protags

The only animal with similar proportions to my weird dog that I have ever seen is a gerenuk

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all i want to do is sleep but if i sleep then i wont be able to sleep later when im supposed to sleep and then i'll spend all of tomorrow wanting to do nothing but sleep too

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straight person serving a gay couple voice: are you paying separately

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apparently april is autism month so, to summarize: Autism Speaks is still a hate group; listen to #ActuallyAutistic people instead cuz we know our own needs best.

the symbolism behind the puzzle piece is insulting, it represents the idea that we're broken or there's a piece missing from us, so don't use it. look up the rainbow infinity symbol instead.

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