When I was just a tiny bun, I thought that you could make the family Windows 98 computer go back to TTY only mode by deleting all the files in the C:/Windows directory. This was after I watched the Matrix and I thought Neo's battlestation was cool.

Controversial opinion (not for normies) 

All software should be written either in C or in a POSIX compliant shell.

The real Muller Report was the friends we made along the way. 🐰

Why is it whenever I hear a terrible song on the radio it is ALWAYS The Chainsmokers?

It's happening, I'm falling for the aesthetic, ultra minimalist computing environment meme.

suckless.org's "sent" utility is is big-brain tier presentation software

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i nag you to review my pull request while I eat cheetos loudly in your ear ASMR

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Just typed a Linux command JUST wrong enough that an entire directory disappeared up its own asshole.
Oh every file is still there.
They're just all 0 bytes.

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Daily reminder. 

You will never be a cute anime girl.

Remember kids, every time the cooperations win it brings us one step closer to a cool cyberpunk dystopia.

I'm nesting templated classes six deep inside eachother. Someone try to stop me.


When you install Ubuntu from live iso for the first time.

How can you tell if someone is vegan? 

Don't worry, they'll tell you.

Please stop trying to measure your vegan peen against mine. I just don't like beef and pork. it doesn't give you an in to tell me you've been vegan for 69 years.

I just want my lean gains, fam.

The moon landing was real. It was the space shuttle that was faked.

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