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My mom had a nice birthday this year and that's literally all that matters

Roommates just gave us 30 days notice as they move into a smaller unit in the same complex. Buncha cishet fuckos

Welp, our housing situation is now pretty dire. I swear I'll stop spamming y'all with my donate links once our housing is stable again. Brown lesbian and her trans gf need assistance now.
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fucked up that like, land with no buildings or anything on it can be "owned" by someone

Thinking about how intimidating Mastodon can seem because you have to scroll through a huge list of instances and pick one and try your luck, rather than just going to "the bird website" or "the facebook" and signing up.

But then, like - that's how it always used to be? That's what forums were like, you found one randomly, you took your chances, and it worked out or it didn't.

How quickly big tech conditioned us to fear choice and mistrust the unknown, I guess. Anyway uhhh piss piss ass piss ass

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So many actions are felonies. So many are non-violent. Many can legitimately be done by mistake.

I bet you've committed multiple felonies without realizing it. You just didn't inconvenience anyone.

Support voting rights for felons. Support hiring former felons. You almost certainly are an unconvicted felon.

Also, this kinda came up, but not everyone using Masto/masto-like sites are tech savvy. Telling me to build my own instance or do _______ as someone who barely understand what it means and entails isn't useful.

Masto discourse is not accessible and some of yall are just hostile and annoying and condescending for no reason whatsoever.

trans women have more cyberpunk in their left pinky than a brodude with blade arms

TBH if you're like 22 and having a breakdown every third day on here, you're still probably way more together than I was at your age.

it should be legal to murder people who are rude to fast food workers

So somebody made a custom Heather Mason figure that I can't stop laughing at. Not because it's badly made or anything. But becuase they used a WWE Diva for most of it, so this teenage girl is INCREDIBLEY JACKED. Heather looks like shes about to suplex Valtiel and punch out God.

"In my wrestling dreams, I see that town. Silent Hill. You promised me you'd take me to the Royal Rumble someday. But you never did. Well, I'm alone there now... In our 'special ring'... Waiting for you..."

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