what if: we stopped pretending like remembering other people's names is normal and not remembering them is somehow a fault and instead actually accepted that most people have trouble with this expectation and we started to act accordingly?

Exploitative indie publisher, logs containing racism/slurs/antisemism Show more

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There's a reason I don't use twitter, and deliberately keep my presence pretty small on what I do use

Limits of a fuck up to the people I actually know, so instead of having my shit exploded online I can just alk with them about it

How can we get small social. Media.
I want that but also no megacorp stealing my face and dick length based on when I post or however the algorithms work.

trying to get hrt from a doctor is basically that Potion Seller meme video. "You can't handle my strongest potions", etc

for anyone who needs to hear it today: Show more

The only thing that queer assimilationism has achieved, is to convince the cishets that if you aren't acting normal then your queerness is fake

I have lost and regained electricity
Tonight is tiring

Oh yeah hi masto I'm Tottin again I guess. And that game I'm writing for is funded, which rules
And I have another girlfriend, who is ACTUALLY in my country just a few cities away.
So, like, shits nice.

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