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please make your markov bots use a content warning that denotes it as a markov bot, or other algorithmically generated content, thanks (boosts are okay, not about anyone in particular, a general plea)

claire redfield: *drives all the way back to raccoon city in the middle of a military quarantine, ignoring all warnings, gets in a car crash, fights her way through a horde of zombies to get to the RPD station* hey do you know where chris is?
marvin: yeah he's on vacation in europe
claire redfield:

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perceived or real skill in programming does not suddenly give anyone the right to forego basic empathy.

the caustic, casually denigrating culture that infests computer science has got to go. rampant toxicity, in the long run, leads to stagnation in software development, because everyone that isn't steeped in that culture gets pushed out.

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Best verb AND onomatopoeia goes to: Splosh, for the third year jn a row

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How to play Skyrim:
1. Have The Urge™
2. Realize you have so many mods installed your game won't boot, spend the next two hours cleaning up from the last time you decided to install mods.
3. Reinstall Skyrim
4. Realize that this game sucks orc dick without mods (not really you're just used to playing with mods).
5. Spend the next three hours installing mods and dealing with file conflicts.
6. Play for like 30 mins and then go to bed
7. Repeat in two weeks.

kia ora koutou! a friend of mine just published a summary of a big body of research she's done on queer, trans, and intersex experiences of accessing mental health support in aotearoa new zealand - you can read it here!

Tired: Buying lingerie for girls to send you lewds in

Wired: Buying girls swords with no expectations cuz every girl deserves a sword.

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hyenas: if you're not laughing with us, we're not trying hard enough

We don't normally announce our instance blocks, but we felt we should let our users know that we will be silencing and eventually suspending. We were made aware of their rule against he/him lesbians, which is incompatible with our rules and blatantly transphobic and homophobic.
We know that many of our users have good mutuals and alts there and we wanted to give them a chance to learn about this, as it seems like this rule was unknown to most of you.

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