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Lee but friends with bugs @Eldritch_Horrorgirl@cybre.space

God I kinda wanna start an account where I give pictures PRT power classifications, but like all of seven people would get that or think it was funny

You take the good, you viciously excise the bad, and there you have the good good fan content

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A fool: Taylor Hebert is irredeemably a villain and you shouldn't think she's a good person
Me, a genius: remember how during the arc where she took over part of the city in the wake of a disaster her top priorities were making sure relief got to citizens in the poorer parts of town she managed, safety for them, building community morale and looking after a group of orphans she took into her lair? And that even the heroes were forced to admit she was doing a better job that official channels?

Mastodon: Your DMs can be read by the admin(s) on your specific instance.

Twitter: Your DMs can be read by the entire Twitter Corporation.

Today is going so great, and compared to yesterday? Basically a miracle
The mood is good, people :blobowo:

I have an incredibly complicated relationship with gender and sexuality (for reasons I'm not yet ready to talk about out here) and being able to use queer as shorthand for "it's not a one word identity" is great. It feels inclusive of all I am!

Also the fact I've not been discoursed at about how I enjoy using the word queer to describe myself?
Really good

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General affection I guess? Also maybe rude if youre 30 and consider yourself young but I swear I mean it nicely Show more

Hey y'all. I'm about $75 short of affording my meds this week. help a disabled, unemployed trans woman in need?



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Fascists are rallying in Springfield, MA at City Hall in about an hour! In fifteen minutes the DSA is holding a counter rally at Center Square before heading over to confront them. If you're nearby please turn out !!!

Take it from someone who has only seen it as an outsider on here
Twitter is a dumpster fire
One that doesn't even have good emojo