not now mum i'm building meaningful relationships with people thousands of miles away

It. Might be the migraine but man, thinking. About it?
I don't like Christmas at all. I have no good memories associated with it.
Its just a stressful time of year with worse music than usual.

Hey, gang, my insurance didn't cover my medicine and now im out about 300 dollars. I hate to ask but if you have a couple of bucks, anything would be a huge help.

A comprehensive map of the mainland regions of the United States of Meatworld and surrounding territories, circa 2018

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it's 3 am and I've been trying to phrase this for five minutes
but unions good.
Join a union, go do that if you can.

More Masto etiquette

Content Warnings may be new to many of you

Try to think of them as being similar to the Subject line of an email

They're not censorship; they're not a punishment; they're not something that need only be applied in cases where the content is very offensive

They're a piece of meta-data that it is polite to provide and that you're expected to supply in certain cases to help others to decide whether/when to engage with your post

actual best possible Smash pick:
Papyrus, with Undyne as his Echo Fighter
Think about it

the cars movie but theyre just people. they still do car things but theyre just human people drinking motor oil and just like running around a racetrack

so Warframe came out recently on Switch
Bayo is an M Rated character in Smash
Joker is in Smash despite only being tangentially related
logical conclusion: Excalibur for Smash

What's a girl gotta do to get Captain N in Smash Ultimate?

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