Announcing BIRDSONG, a scifi horror collaboration with @Eldritch_Horrorgirl

You are an exobiologist trapped on an inhospitable alien world, forced to study its inhabitants to get a ticket home.

Take risks.
Analyze exofauna.
Discover secrets.

is it possible to follow a twitter account on mastodon? Probably not but I figure it's better to ask

had a letter left on doorstep, was worried it was from family (it's a thing)
actually was letter from old friend I was thinking about the other day, wanting to reconnect
hell yeah, expectations subverted and the day is improved greatly

important question:
has bugsnax made a trailer that is a parody of "Love Shack" yet? If not, I'm about to be fucking rich

the best bark in any game is Sovereign from Mass effect 2 saying "this hurts you" before an attack
not a threat, not a warning, a statement of objective fact from a colossal, terrifying entity that hates you in particular

I'm beginning to suspect magical adventures are a lot less common than webcomics lead me to believe

how do yall do that endlessly self confident and positive thing
doesn't it get really tiring?

in plain english:

zero parts inside every new Mac being sold in 2020 (with exception for that inaccessibly spendy Mac Pro which’ll be even more scarce than pre-Trash Can Mac Pros) is replaceable, even by a repair shop, now that components are burnt-in-serial-mated to one another, making the Mac an instantly disposable appliance

just like the iPhone

enjoy your walled landfill!

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reacting to the most tasteless film trailer I've ever seen 

so I wanna do some small writey bits, get some practice in, don't wanna do something big rn cause that just isn't working for me
so does anyone have an idea for, like, lists of short writing prompts like people make for visual artists in october? (why always october)

anyone located in nz have advice on getting an adhd diagnosis?

elevator pitch: two people are in some kind of vertical mechanical conveyance and one of them throws a baseball in the direction of the other

nsfw addendum 

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normal nerds: my self insert is this animal person that I love very much
me: my self insert is my love for weird medical science personified. She's gross and awful and lives in a ruin. Her best friend is a werewolf that leaves her "gifts" in the exact way a cat does. Her number of limbs is "variable".

today has been kind of a lot but my mouse started working right, so I don't have to return it
gonna call it a win

I have bought a paper skeleton for my room. There will be pictures. I love halloween so much.

hey anyone know why a new razer mouse would have non-functioning thumb buttons and sensitivity up and down buttons?
I've done my googling and I have a support ticket open, but I'm hoping someone can just say "oh yeah just do this"

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