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Burned out. Depressed. Bleak. Out of spoons and out of words. I just want this shit to end.

Of all of the dystopian hellscapes we've thought up in fiction over the last several decades, our current reality is the fucking worst.


The generation that bought cheap homes and businesses on the income of their first jobs out of high school, then leveraged them as investments while depressing wages and telling younger generations they shouldn't expect to make a living on laborer wages... and then when their own children and grandchildren can't afford basic shelter in the investment property hellscape they created and profited from, demand their own kin-- whose futures they devastated with climate change, water shortages, energy crises, economic pump and dump schemes etc-- to pay them rent to move back in with them in the only house the rest of their family will ever own, and then sell that house out from under their own kids, dooming them to perpetual serfdom or homelessness so they can fund their continued extravagant spending all the way to their deathbeds....

*that* generation... They're the ones trying to tell us we can't have intimacy with the people we love because of "family values."

Fuck your family values.

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"A web extension that redirects YouTube, Twitter, Instagram... requests to alternative privacy friendly frontends and backends"

"[…]Use an Invidious instance with JavaScript disabled + VPN or Tor, and it's almost impossible to know who watched that video."

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antivirus software: Urgent! You have spyware on your computer that should be quarantined immediately!

me, clicking away indifferently: oh yeah, that's just Teams

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Coming up on the one year anniversary of telling my dad to go fuck himself and hanging up in anger.

It's also my birthday but that first part is the most memorable thing about it anymore.

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@Earthshine I can concur that is the correct and only way to heat up a can of soup

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DALL•E prompt: Jesus and the Buddha playing disc golf

Yall ever been unable to sleep due to a toothache but unable to see a dentist because you live in the USA and teeth are luxury bones not covered by health insurance?

The sky above the port was the color of television tuned to a dead channel.

Major depressive spike tonight... being unhoused wears you down.

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uspol 🧵(tackle the gestalt, stop arguing abt the parts) 

I saw some fools arguing on whether we have a gun control issue or a mental health issue here in the US.

We have gun control issues, mental health issues, government issues, societal issues, media issues, law enforcement issues, and white supremacy issues.

At the convergence of these threads is a knot, and yes, at the center of that knot is a person who is likely not ready to avail themselves of therapy.

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