Welcome to the town of Point of Rocks, Wyoming. This is it. This is the town. This one building is gas station, general store, Cafe, bar, post office, laundromat, and office space.

I had most of a spool of sisal rope left over from wrapping a scratching post for Dot, so I knitted her a throw. She seems unimpressed.

Just a tad more electrical work with the rear signals and another coat of roof sealer tomorrow. Had a delay today because I lost a signal bulb inside the housing....

Here's the array deployed with the angle set for a southern tilt. The safely clips aren't really active retention but should be enough to prevent a catastrophic collapse and damage/injury should the wind or another careless actor manage to lift the frame off the strut.

Batteries need manual balancing which will be a pain... rest is just tweaking firmware settings on the charge controller. Also sticking labels on things.

Van progress update
Structural: 100%
Paint: 99%
High voltage: 99%
On-board electrical: 80%
Interior: 90%

Should be ready to drive by tomorrow night. Just needs some more tinkering.

Got caught in a sudden downpour that set me back due to all my stuff getting soaked... but at least the PV panels are clean!

When you write "front" on the front of a workpiece and then realize it needs to be facing away from you while you're working on it.

P.s. that's not a spelling error--my handwriting is just that bad.

I was expecting some droop but hopefully I can yet stiffen it a bit because this is more extreme than I'd like.

Who has a busted right thumb, and is a total dumbass who forgot to factor the rest overhang into the design specs so now the bracket blocks their front door? This snep! 👍 👍

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