We need more 90s scifi. I need more 90s scifi. Someone recommend something I can watch that's good in the way of TNG,SG1,etc... didn't really like battlestar galactica, haven't liked any of the newer star trek series, etc... sga/sgu were okay.. seaquest was ok, but lacks re-watchability

Some of the other ones from that period have aged really poorly...

You know the 90s medieval fantasy genre was a fun thing too. Not many TV shows for that, mostly b movies, maybe conan? I want non-serialized live action scifi and fantasy TV series.

Ok know what really grinds my gears? There aren't any good, legitimate sources of watching old classics and nostalgia TV in today's streaming media landscape. You can buy access to Netflix etc but their selections are all so limited especially outside of the immediately modern. It's increasingly hard to find specific good shows anymore as piracy is slowly replaced by streaking services catering only to the desires and capitalistic potential of mass consumers.

@Earthshine Most of the ones I can remember are from Gene Roddenberry's lost notebooks: Earth: Final Conflict and Andromeda are the ones I know I watched. But also Seven Days, Earth Two, and Sliders.

@Canageek I think that's the one I started 'recently' (this decade) and bailed after a couple eps...

@Earthshine Did it have muppets? What I recall is the muppets.

I know that Babylon 5 had a fair number of fans, but I've never managed to catch it.

Farscape was on the tail end of the nineties, but it was pretty decent from what I recall.

@spud gosh yeah. Late night UHF scifi was some of the best scifi

@Earthshine There's always new and old Doctor Who. ^_^ (None strictly 90s, true =:)

Then there's the Lorimar series of Max Headroom (not to be confused with the Chrysalis series, which was a music video vehicle with chat segments), Babylon 5 (of course), Space Precinct, Andromeda, and Lexx.

@porsupah oh gosh I remember lexx... it was strange but oddly charming. Don't think I ever saw andromeda

90s TV sci-fi Show more

90s TV sci-fi Show more

@porsupah on the subject of who, ive seen a lot of it (bits and pieces of every series) but never really saw the appeal. Guess it was just too silly for my tastes.

@Earthshine Could whip out a yagi, coathanger or mudflap and scan the dial for MeTV, AntennaTV, Cozi, Youtoo, Ion, H&I, Grit, Comet, Buzzr or Retro. Seriously if you exclude religious programing, that's like a third of the dial here in Tulsa.

@BalooUriza I keep forgetting broadcast tv is even still a thing. I haven't had a functional tuner in a decade or more since there stopped being good local programming when the cable companies came in and took over my hometown.

@Earthshine The subchannel game has gotten on tight lately. Even though Tulsa is one of the largest 1% of cities in America and the home of TV Guide is in my neighborhood, I would not call us a big TV market, and I still get like, 30 channels with the antenna indoors and about 55 if I put it outside. My dad in LA gets over 150.

@Earthshine If you know how to get my ISP to stop threatening my mother whenever I use bittorrent, I’m all ears.

@cy don't torrent stuff the studios are monitoring. Also vpn. All the good torrent sites are dying out now too though... I miss demonoid.

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