LAX>RNO ✈ DL3755 is at least 70% furries.

Heading to airport in about 4 hours.... long trip to blfc!


Native American genocide 

TIL American bison nearly went extinct due to being deliberately slaughtered by the American government to destroy the indigenous people's food supply.


The answer of course is that it doesn't. The mirror shows the object as it is... however, for *you* to observe it from that perspective you first must turn around. The mirror's perspective is only available to you in the mirror, otherwise. You *could* flip over backward and see it upside-down from your initial orientation instead, but generally it's easier to just turn your head.

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I think my favorite nerds snipe is "why do mirrors only reverse images left and right and not up and down ?" The answer is very simple to understand but difficult to arrive at given observable phenomena constrained to human perspective.

Good news, things will I think be ok. I jury rigged a bypass adapter for the fuel pump control unit which had apparently died. Pump now runs wide open at all times but the bike runs, and I can replace the part later. Going to try to also pick up a spare pump, in case the increased duty cycle puts out over the edge. Bike cracked 100k miles today.

Thanks everyone for the boosts and support.

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Ok so, odd ask, but... fuel pump shat the bed, and I'm stranded in Coeur d'Alene Idaho until such time as I can repair it or secure another (BMW wants $700 to ship the part to the nearest dealer in Spokane, WA by Friday at the soonest.... could be much longer to secure part from another source). I'm broke AF and need a safe place to sleep and wrench on a bike within, say, my AAA max towing distance of 200 miles of here.

ok please bear with me it turns out uploading photos to here from my phone is more difficult than I anticipated. I have started a telegram channel where I will be posting updates first and copy them here when I have better PC access.

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Ok since folks have shown some interest, here's some highlights from the first few days already past...

USA Nature* Tour. I'm trying to visit many national parks and monuments across the country. Less focus on cities except as local culture centers where relevant.

I have begun a 2 month motorcycle road trip that I am calling the "better late than never" USA tour. Would folks here be interested in my posting pictures as I go?

Mad props to good friends who are helping me replace my final drive mid road trip

This country is an insane asylum where the sane are held hostage by the insane.

It is no measure of good health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society.

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internet censorship, "anti-trafficking" 

> Almost the entire anti-trafficking movement is an Evangelical project to get liberal supporters to sign off on a laundry list of Christian anti-sex policies. It’s been one of their most successful propaganda projects. It’s also likely gotten a lot of sex workers killed.

Great thread:

And again, I *highly* recommend listening to the You're Wrong About episode on this:

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