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I also have acquired this 100 lb piece of 1950s technology, which is broken and needs fixing/ restoring

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do... do we have to call the posts on this site 'toots'?

So I found a pair of these bad boys and now I'm wondering if anyone has hacked the pocketmail protocol to spoof their dial in mail server.

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Honestly... I think the at-mention model of stuff in slack and discord et al is a giant antipattern and I hate it.

It used to be you could mention people by name and if the way that sparked notifications bothered the recipient they could change it. I personally had a pretty complicated series of rules that decided when I got notified and when I didn't on IRC.

But now it's just "Notifications: On or Off" and that's largely billed as a usability feature because the speaker knows unless you've completely squashed notifications that if they type this magic invocation, you're getting the notification.

The sender should not have deciding power on your notification state.
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Me: the existence of Silly String suggests the existence of Serious String

My kid, not even looking up from her phone: det cord

(See if you don’t know)

Really getting down to the wire on finding a new instance with slated to go read-only in a couple days... any last-minute suggestions?

Come here for all your boomer loathing needs I'm here all night

Okay but seriously have you ever heard a boomer apologize for literally anything? Non-sarcastically?

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If the only thing boomers had to do was apologize to magically undo all of the damage they've done to our society, they still wouldn't.

I need a recommendation for a good cyberpunk/scifi novel like Neuromancer or Snow Crash.

Right to Repair means, among other things, ability to obtain from the manufacturer replacement internal mechanical parts like gears for devices that wear out or break over time. I should not need to replace a $500 appliance because a plastic pinion gear the size of a dime stripped.

I want a fun videogame to play that doesn't require big time investments or grinding to enjoy...

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I feel like Right to Repair needs to include "right to update the thing to use third party servers" or something like that. We're creating e-waste just by preventing FW updates to point my litter box at anything but a hard coded URL signed by some keys that'll expire in a few years.

Jon Stewart's new show is just fucking savage. It's the Crossfire incident all over again. Every episode.

yikes exhausting day time to go home and drink

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me, every time I'm depressed: "I should buy more computers"

me, later: "why do I own so much crap"

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