"You're in charge of the radishes " is officially my new favorite way of telling someone to fuck off.

It is time for tech workers to realize that we are not elite. We are a labor class, one that is increasingly disenfranchised and marginalized. We come to work, build code or servers to specifications, and then we go home. Companies look to minimize pay and benefits, to prevent workers from organizing, and at the same time instill the promise of the mission so workers will stay loyal.

Nothing we do is magic. Tech work is a skill, like any other. It is a skill that some can't perform. I can't lift heavy shit or mix concrete or design bridges or fly a plane. Some folks can't code or sysadmin. Some folks are better at these skills than others. This is the general human condition, in the context of skills and learning, and no one is better or more elite than anyone else because of their skills or lack thereof.

I have watched companies time and time again refuse to offer mentorship and training because their more skilled workers couldn't be bothered. They stop offering lower-skilled jobs because the more skilled workers refuse to work with people "who can't keep up".

It's just awful and it's a situation that we white men of tech created, encourage, and sustain.

Nihilism is just bourgeois defeatism change my mind

Cinema has become such a guilty pleasure for me... because movies these days are *so dumb* and yet I still enjoy them immensely

Current status: beating myself up over not having the kind of confidence in myself that other people have in me.

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Weird habits of mine: if I pick up a digital device with a stylus, my brain automatically starts scribbling in graffiti the way a normal person might make a random scribble with a ballpoint pen to make sure it works.

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[watching daily show from 2014] Jesus Christ none of this climate change denial stupidity has changed in 4 years. at all. We're all gonna die.


Enter Username > Answer security question > enter password > login


Click 'forgot password' > Enter Username > Answer insecurity question > obtain password reset link > enter new password > enter Username > reenter new password > login

This Sunday is the 40th Anniversary of Ridley Scott's 'Alien'. So of course I'll be putting on a showing. Come on down to Casa de Gringo and BYOB for a LaserDisc classic.

"I'm not [sorry]. Had to be me. Someone else might have gotten it wrong."

and inside each of those two wolves are another two wolves… yes, you in the back?

good question.

early models assumed the wolves were massless for convenience. today we know from careful measurements of rotational inertia that each wolf does have a small mass, but that the mass of each subsequent generation of wolves is distributed according to a ratio that does converge to a finite bound. unfortunately, that mass is too small for most estimates of dark matter prevalence.

leaving for BLFC in 10 hours... I should probably start thinking about packing.

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