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Got caught in a sudden downpour that set me back due to all my stuff getting soaked... but at least the PV panels are clean!

Being homeless in the USA is wild because every time you walk into a store to get food and other essentials there's some upper middle class white people outside the door harassing you to donate to children in Africa or some shit, yet if you ask someone on the street for money to feed yourself, that's illegal, and you'll have the cops on your ass in no time flat.

Pollution hot take 

Dupont should have to pay to provide free annual PFAS drinking water testing for every household in the US.

I'm so fucking tired... but can't sleep. It's miserable.

Dot: Hey, I got a surprise for you. Want to see it?

Me: it had better not be your butthole.

Dot: It's my butthole!

When you write "front" on the front of a workpiece and then realize it needs to be facing away from you while you're working on it.

P.s. that's not a spelling error--my handwriting is just that bad.

Earthshine relayed

@Earthshine relateable. "I'm not very productive today" (takes pill) "I'm super efficiently being unproductive today"

I was expecting some droop but hopefully I can yet stiffen it a bit because this is more extreme than I'd like.

Who has a busted right thumb, and is a total dumbass who forgot to factor the rest overhang into the design specs so now the bracket blocks their front door? This snep! 👍 👍

Help I took one of my adhd pills today and now I can only hyper-focus on unproductive things.

Earthshine relayed

hot take: you should quit unethical jobs that you hate

Following this incident I'm putting the other repairs and refit on hold until I finish building the new hose port assembly I started this evening... fabbed a steel bracket I can screw into the door and mount coroplast panels to (cardboard will be used until I obtain the coroplast)

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Had a scare today... left Dot in the van with the A/C running for a couple hours. When I came back the A/C hose port assembly had melted and fallen away from the window, was just generating heat and dumping it into the van until the A/C unit itself had overheated and tripped the breaker... it was scary hot in there and poor Dot had emptied her water bowl. Thankfully she seems to be doing okay again after cooling back down.

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