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Someone needs to make a website like except it takes a complete list of your games, calculates how much space they take up on your drive, and how long they take to complete, and then lets you sort them by time:size ratio so you can play the ones that free up space on your drive fastest.

me telling someone a recipe: "and then add two bulbs of garlic..."
them: you mean two cloves?

as an American without health insurance I should probably start considering a diet that consists of something other than bacon, beef, cheese, eggs, and alcohol...

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it's one of those days where I'm too lazy to work and too bored to just sit around so I browse the internet until I run out of internet, then go re-check the internet.

Game of thrones returning Sunday. Time to binge watch season 7 again.

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Have I mentioned lately that I hate painting? Because I really do.

Ok know what really grinds my gears? There aren't any good, legitimate sources of watching old classics and nostalgia TV in today's streaming media landscape. You can buy access to Netflix etc but their selections are all so limited especially outside of the immediately modern. It's increasingly hard to find specific good shows anymore as piracy is slowly replaced by streaking services catering only to the desires and capitalistic potential of mass consumers.

You know the 90s medieval fantasy genre was a fun thing too. Not many TV shows for that, mostly b movies, maybe conan? I want non-serialized live action scifi and fantasy TV series.

Some of the other ones from that period have aged really poorly...

We need more 90s scifi. I need more 90s scifi. Someone recommend something I can watch that's good in the way of TNG,SG1,etc... didn't really like battlestar galactica, haven't liked any of the newer star trek series, etc... sga/sgu were okay.. seaquest was ok, but lacks re-watchability

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depressive xennial venting Show more

god I miss the 90s when everything was merely shitty but there was still a sort of awe-inspiring hope for the future technology might bring... when I used to think the internet would fix everything... I never imagined it would ruin the world instead.

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