Americans confuse Karma with Schadenfreude because they're really bad at understanding things that don't directly affect them individually.

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The real reason this beanbag chair is my favorite place to nap: she always comes to join me.

Also, now I'm trapped and I need to get up for work.

Consider, for a minute, how !@#$ed up it is that our internet scams advertise "tricks <insert company/practitioner> doesn't want you to know about." We're so used to being constantly scammed that our scams are premised on the idea that we're being scammed.

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We should be fighting for mail-in voting, not online voting. Electronic voting is a bad idea.

In 2066 the movie The Endless Summer will be referring to something very different.

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How are you supposed to negotiate rules of respectful social discourse with someone who doesn't believe in social fairness as a concept?

When everything is shitty and miserable, but at least major systemic problems are being laid bare to everyone now so things might finally be able to change.

Me at 9AM: ugh, I wish I could just get more sleep...

Me at 3 AM: I could get just one more level...

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nostalgia: I just managed to find the original AMV Hell collection. This shit is lit. The original weeb Found Footage


I wish we could keep it this way and just tell the billionaires and landlords to get bent.

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The skies and waterways are clear, the air clean, the roads empty, the city quiet, the people polite... I'm starting to think capitalism is the worse disaster. 🤔

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