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oooooh, i figured it out! it's a flag to set case sensitivity!

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also the decompiler is pretty impressive and Ghidra itself is quite nice once you got used to it

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anyone good at -engineering have any idea what bVar5 might be? it's used to modify the hashing function for a hash table that normally uses the PJW hash function that ELF uses

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I ... don't know why i made this, but i did, was a fun exercise in making Gmod Lua modules in C++ and using undocumented windows APIs (this runs completely un-elevated, it just calls RtlAdjustPrivilege and NtRaiseHardError)

I Completely rewrote the parser from scratch, found out where the triangle indices are stored so now i can properly import 3d models, still need to take care of the materials because at the moment I'm manually loading the textures, but dang that feels nice to have it working properly now

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hey if you're a computer person would you like to fill out this form to see how well known these cursed computer things are?

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may contain flashing lights and/or colors (also check for content warnings regarding the source material) 

Source: Mr. Robot | Season 2 | Episode 6 | eps2.4_m4ster-s1ave.aes | 2015
Timestamp: 0:01:31
Mode: Video
Codec: flv1
Noise amount: random
Packet loss: None

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Pat #animation done! Took a while! Lots of #Blender #3D and #lowpoly related learning on the way. Also my first hand painted textures! I'm kinda proud of the fennec one.

cc @amaral @polychrome @MadestMadness @codepuppy

The hand crafted pats I promised like a month ago 😅

hey, remember this? i rewrote the script to run on top of vapoursynth and use a different upscaler (nnedi3_rpow2), it's much faater, about two hours per episode (one if i remove the cleanup filters) and it uses *much* less disk space since it just decodes the video shoves the frames through vapoursynth and encodes it instead of slicing it into frames first

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Filesystem Friend
Look at him
he so hapy..

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a lot of bills. just. a lot of stuff a lot of money we need. anything helps.
a lot has been going on and just. seriously anything helps. please

Advent of Code 2020 maybe slight spoilers 

- 19 (write a CYK or Earley parser)
- 20 (just brute force it?)
- 21 (set theory?)
- 23 (shouldn't be too hard)
- 24 (hex grid stuff, shouldn't be too hard either)

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my AoC stats so far
and the repo with all my solutions (vanilla Rust, only crates I'm using are for AoC input fetching and some convenience macros)

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