since my last toot was a bit negative, here's some good news:
- got a student job as backend developer (sadly java but i'll also get to do DevOps so that's fun)
- gonna spend a month with my girlfriend in Denver from October 11th to November 11th (slightly terrified of flying from FRA to DEN alone (and a bit scared of going through customs after i land), but it'll be fine i'm sure) ESTA got approved less than 2 hours after submitting the application so that was *fast*
- uuuuuh i should post more but also don't know what to talk about :|

@halcy are you running it with `cargo run --release`?

Earthnuker relayed

your prefered date format?

(pls boost)

kind of negative 

hhhhhh, i hate applying for jobs, especially if you get rejected with a generic "we picked someone else :)" without getting told what you did wrong :(
anyone want to pay me to write python or rust code or to take software apart?

@csepp hmmmm, you have? maybe i missed that post :|, and sadly this has been my go-to profile picture for a while now, so don't really have anything else

slightly negative 

been quite anxious for the past few days, mostly due to short-term stuff (uni exam today, applied for 4 jobs and got a bunch of interviews next week, my brother's getting hip surgery on Monday) also had a friend from America visit for two weeks (and she is now my girlfriend) and she left Thursday last week so now all the anxiety and sadness she was keeping away comes rushing back, but I'm sure I'll feel better next week, just thought I'd give an update because I've been *really* inactive over here :|

Daaaang my last post was almost a year ago, wow, ... I should post more on here

@artilectzed hmmmm, either the bot's reply function is borked or it doesn't handle spoilered attachments ... I'll poke at it when I have time

@csepp Cutter switched over to Rizin (a fork of Radare2) so that's probably why it's not seeing it

@SuricrasiaOnline if it's rooted or can boot a custom recovery you can read the hashed password and crack it, otherwise, not really

New project stuff 

@TheGibson i have a few years of Rust (hobby) experience, depending on what the project is I'd be interested

trust test :) 

@deletescape wow, now my laptop runs 20 times faster, thanks!

@SuricrasiaOnline ... Do humans go into the tube or come out of the tube?

@csepp oh heck, oh no, it's indented with tabstops and looks ugly in my browser, aaaaaaaah, otherwise very nice, i've actually never used type annotations in python

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