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i've got too much time on my hands so i'm converting Season 1 Episode 1 to 1440x960 60fps using video2x (waifu2x base video upscaler) and ffmpeg motion interpolation, it's incredibly slow :D

wow, such HD, (the upscaling is going to take ~13 Hours, and i don't even want to know how long the motion interpolation will take)

hey, remember this? i rewrote the script to run on top of vapoursynth and use a different upscaler (nnedi3_rpow2), it's much faater, about two hours per episode (one if i remove the cleanup filters) and it uses *much* less disk space since it just decodes the video shoves the frames through vapoursynth and encodes it instead of slicing it into frames first

I revived this project after bouncing between a few upscalers i settled on using Vapoursynth, I'm directly feeding in the remuxed video stream from the DVD into it, deinterlacing using IVTC+QTGMC, debocking, doing some cleanup using a few spatio-temporal denoisers, upscaling using waifu2x-vulkan, some more sharpening, motion interpolation using RIFE and then everything gets piped into FFmpeg for encoding it takes about an hour per minute of input video :(


did some more messing around and tested a few upscaling algorithm, so far RealESRGAN with x2 oversampling is my favourite

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@Earthnuker I think the slider thingy is borked because I can't see any difference.

@csepp which ones are you comparing? some of the algorithms have only very small differences

@Earthnuker ...oh, that explains it. I should probably go through the list in that dropdown...

@csepp yeeees, also i just pulled the rest of the Zim comics (since i think the final one came out a few days ago) from and put them in the ususal place (media/comics/Jhonen Vasquez/Invader Zim) in case you want to grab them

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