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More stuff: managed to inject ImGUI by using d3d8to9 to proxy the game's DX8 stuff to DX9 and hooking the DirectInput8 functions to write the mouse state into ImGUI's IO struct, still breaks when the DX8 device resets or you close the window but that should be fairly easy to fix, then i need to make the overlay toggle-able and then i can start adding widgets

The broken rendering is due to me resizing the window which just stretches everything (it might be possible to fix that)

got the DirectInput8 hooked up, and everything works without crashing, now to make it actually useful :)

Added a memory editor, entity list, and disassembler, also made a save game that exits the game when loaded, probably going to poke at the netcode next found some stuff that looks interesting in one of the Virtual Method Tables

Also, there's currently a remastered version in the works and i got into the beta, they added encryption to the multiplayer network protocol... With a static key, took me 2 days to write a decrypting sniffer, Most of the time spent figuring out how the crypto they used was plugged together ( there's a python snipped to decrypt the packets, underlying protocol seems to be mostly the same as the original, you can still crash multiplayer servers by setting a specific variable in the game engine and the connecting

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