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i've got too much time on my hands so i'm converting Season 1 Episode 1 to 1440x960 60fps using video2x (waifu2x base video upscaler) and ffmpeg motion interpolation, it's incredibly slow :D

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wow, such HD, (the upscaling is going to take ~13 Hours, and i don't even want to know how long the motion interpolation will take)

About halfway done motion-interpolating (the whole thing has been running for ~15 hours)

hey, remember this? i rewrote the script to run on top of vapoursynth and use a different upscaler (nnedi3_rpow2), it's much faater, about two hours per episode (one if i remove the cleanup filters) and it uses *much* less disk space since it just decodes the video shoves the frames through vapoursynth and encodes it instead of slicing it into frames first

I revived this project after bouncing between a few upscalers i settled on using Vapoursynth, I'm directly feeding in the remuxed video stream from the DVD into it, deinterlacing using IVTC+QTGMC, debocking, doing some cleanup using a few spatio-temporal denoisers, upscaling using waifu2x-vulkan, some more sharpening, motion interpolation using RIFE and then everything gets piped into FFmpeg for encoding it takes about an hour per minute of input video :(

oooookay masto video compression walked all over this, whoops, uh, there:

did some more messing around and tested a few upscaling algorithm, so far RealESRGAN with x2 oversampling is my favourite

@Earthnuker @grainloom this looks goooood. What tools are you using for this?

Also why crop the edges? :o

@polychrome @grainloom i guess the default settings in waifu2x crop the edges for some reason, maybe because the scaling causes artifacts around the edges? /shrug, re: tools used: i'm using (that particular frame was upscaled with waifu2x-caffe but i switched to waifu2x-ncnn-vulkan because it's a bit faster), after upscaling the frames i'm using ffmpeg with the minterpolate filter to motion-interpolate the video up to 60 FPS (from 24) I remember at one point I saw someone trying to use inkscape's bitmap to vector thing on every frame of a video for a similar purpose

@mary oh heck, that sounds slow, probably gives really crispy lines though Yeah. I have no idea where I stumbled across it. I think I was just trying to automate inkscape SVG rendering and found this guy who needed to do stuff in inkscape in a bash loop :P

It's funny because I'm pretty sure that guy would have saved a lot of time if he ran
nproc inkscapes at once :P

@Earthnuker compression artifacts are very visible in fast pans. or maybe it's the interpolation. use a low -crf setting for the encoder, maybe even lossless via -crf 0. assuming you use libx264
personally I'm not a fan of upscaling, but eh.. at least the output of it shouldn't be ruined by the encoder

@sa2tms that's mastodon's video compression, i'm encoding at crf=18 which is "lossless enough" for my needs, if you check the replies to the post you'll find a link to the mkv file uploaded to keybase

@sa2tms correction: just checked the file, and yep, there's some pretty heavy compression artifacts

@Earthnuker heh
the mkv file was too short to really judge

@sa2tms looks like the artifacts are in source material, can't do anything about them :|

@Earthnuker the 'ol GIGO problem - garbage in, garbage out
I wonder much source material is still around for a lot of these shows. I know cels tend to be sold off, but the actual final shots before being telecined? so much material is ruined not just by interlacing and compression, but also postprocessing like turning up the saturation and contrast
I fear old man Kricfalusi is right about digital destruction

@Earthnuker I think the slider thingy is borked because I can't see any difference.

@csepp which ones are you comparing? some of the algorithms have only very small differences

@Earthnuker ...oh, that explains it. I should probably go through the list in that dropdown...

@csepp yeeees, also i just pulled the rest of the Zim comics (since i think the final one came out a few days ago) from and put them in the ususal place (media/comics/Jhonen Vasquez/Invader Zim) in case you want to grab them

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