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Are you really trans if you don’t get transphobic messages from lesbians you match with on tinder

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I really don't want to track me, I just want to know how many hours I spent listening to LOFI HIP HOP RADIO

wow upgrading a server to Mac OS X 10.7 can you say security

totally applying for schools in two ridiculously different fields bc why not

maybe I need to do stuff in urban planning other than cities skylines if i'm going to apply for that shit

ah yes, using grad school anxiety to get me to do stuff

why do I always inevitably fall hard for androgynous afab theater people who are emotionally unavailable

🎵🎶 You’re so vain, you probably think this toot is about you 🎵🎶

being poly is exhausting.
this has been a weird weekend

"Honestly I want to say everything is too complicated and being poly is too much but it's never boring"
--one part of my ambiguous triad

wow craiglist was actually useful for once! got a photography gig bc someone saw my ad!

I feel like i'm kinda stuck art wise with my photography. I wanna do more abstract shit! let's go f u l l c y b r e

welp I am back here since spooky is down for the near future. how's everyone?

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