i have had more ppl order prints from me in the past two days than i think ever wow

I just emailed my city councilmembers saying we need an immediate rent freeze.

Yeah, it's a long shot perhaps, but writing an email is also an extremely low-cost action. Especially if you suddenly have a lot more time on your hands.


queer pressure is people getting mullets just because they think lesbians are never wrong about things smh

i officially would like to name this year the year of animal crossing

i haven't posted regularly on cybre in 3 years so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

lol i think i'm gonna spend a shit more time on here hiiii again cybre

Even when Bandcamp are not waiving their fees it is a far better deal for musicians than any of the other online stores and streaming services. We should all make an effort to buy music and merch from there when possible

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am i crazy for wanting to get a car for the sole reason of getting the "DEV-OPS" plate for my state

something a close friend not on masto just said, and that shit slaps:

“ppl paint HRT as some thing that will transform you as a person like ur politics but that clearly isn't the case and HRT doesn't fix racism or who someone is gunna vote for bcuz HRT is literally a family of different medications”

also groaned about react to a non-technical CEO and he was like i have no idea what that is but it sounds like it sucks he might be a keeper

i architected an entire dept in an interview today and did...super well wtf

advantages of running your own dns: black boxing every ad ever
disadvantages of running your own dns: services not coming back up after reboot for SOME REASON unless you log on locally

me: *writes react/node/postgres stack, anisbles everything*
also me: how the fuck do i fix my PATH

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