Misremembered a comic that I saw as a child about 20 years ago. Recreated here:

Here's a short story:

A certain member of my local hackerspace runs a web-service that returns racist content and nazi-symbolism.

Member gets evicted from the hackerspace and his membership cancelled by democratic vote.

Member sues the hackerspace for public defamation.

Hackerspace is running break-even and can barely afford attorneys and legal advice.

I really, really need to contain myself at this point, but someone truly deserves a can of whoop-ass.

But, at least it's way faster and has more physical cores than my dead 10yr old computer. The part is cheaper too!

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spent all my money from web dev commissions on a new CPU, and then some. Not feeling great about it.

Every year about this time, Windows pushes out an update, something gets corrupted, and I have to reinstall from the ground up.

But on the flip side I can suddenly stand reading toots.

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I had to set cyberspace to use the vanilla Mastodon skin because the cybernetics were slowly melting my eyes. :blob_dizzy_face:

Every so often I open up hacker news and Read Some Comments and regret it completely.

Surprise, surprise, Raspberry Pi 4 has been launched!

Faster CPU, dual 4k HDMI support, up to 4GB RAM, USB type C, USB3 and (finally!) no more bottlenecking the ethernet port over USB2: full gigabit speeds!

Also: same old price 😍

I'm back! Here, on Mastadon, on cyber.space 💾

Maybe I will use it more this time.

The slow curve-fitting operation that is finding the cutest profile picture.

it's another "I wanna be a cute and handsome boy" kinda night


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