An important thing!

If red emergency cords in disabled bathrooms are tangled or tied up, they can’t be reached by someone on the floor who’s fallen and needs help!

@Doggoartz oh heck I never realised this. D: I've seen several of these that were all tied and tangled up and I thought it was intentional so I never untied it D: At least I know now and can do something about it!

@Doggoartz i can't say i've ever seen these IRL before, but if i ever do see one and they're tangled, how do i safely untangle it without accidentally activating it?

@birbhorse @Doggoartz activating them requires a firm-ish pull on it (like a pull-cord lightswitch, I think?) so if you have the reach:

Holding the knotted part so that there's laxity in the cord leading up to the alarm, untie the knot between your hands. That shouldn't activate the alarm itself.

(If it's tied to a railing or something and there's not much laxity there, this does become more difficult)

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