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Well, it turned into more "Animal girls" than *Monster* Girls, but still, I love all my bestial children.

1) Highland Cow. Much Scots.
2) Marmoset.
3) Snowy Owl

An of Rouge the Bat.

Wanted her outfit a bit more practical and to make her leg anatomy more solid—plus a more bat like nose.

Being an artist or

‘Oh this is done!’


‘Oh no. There’s so many mistakes’

Mushroom dogs!

Stinkhound, Inky Wolfhound and Labracap pup.

Or an Amaniterrier if you prefer smaller breeds!

it's #mermay and i want to try for the whole month!!! here's a pretty eel lady for y'all


Mer character I drew for my rp blog! He’s gonna loose patience with that puzzle soon and chew it :P

To continue my commenting thoughts,

I feel for me, the fact I can see the full post when I reply, unlike a truncated twitter posts reply helps.

My memory issues mean I can forget what posts say to reply if I can’t see it *as* I’m replying.

The fedverse makes it 10% easier to comment on artists stuff then twitter somehow?

Anyone else find similar?

this is a redraw of an original drawing from a year ago! i've come so far!!!

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