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mock game works from the past few days.

Currently for a ‘bunny knight’ project, mostly playing around with styles and colours right now!

Some artist notes

-I need to improve my wheelchair drawing

-must draw Harley then them being gay

they never suspected the non verbal autistic woman was the giant plant creature leaving oil CEOs strung up on ivy vines.

Poison ivy redesign.

gonna have to cnacle the stream, sorry folks.

technical issues again okay I’m gonna try this again, I’ll start soon. Pixel art stuf.

I have no idea how to read comments on Streamlabs so I’m not ignoring you I just...don’t know what I’m doing

Well, it turned into more "Animal girls" than *Monster* Girls, but still, I love all my bestial children.

1) Highland Cow. Much Scots.
2) Marmoset.
3) Snowy Owl

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