Two Eveelutions I came up with!

Tunnleon, the mining Pokemon and Displaceon, the teleport Pokemon!

Yep I just did lore on rabbit poop.

But so did watership down

‘Rabbit chew’ / Redstone project lore / cecotropes - warning, rabbits doing what rabbits do with poop is discussed. Show more

‘Of course I’m the best ferret dancer in all the realm, which is why the guild hired two guides, now—‘
‘It’s a good job they hired us with good trade, I can’t imagine putting up with this rabbit chew for less’ the Squirrel whispered. River-clay felt that was rather unprofessional coming from a fellow guide, but they couldn’t help agree...

Just wanted to draw some animals today!

fakemon based off the welsh Cŵn Annwn. Hounds of the afterlife and wild hunt in welsh mythology. Kinda inspired by pkmn Sw&Sh

Whmpup is the fright Pokemon and Wyldhound the hunter Pokemon!

Why I like geology. You can look at a rock and know ‘dinosaurs could have walked over this when it was sand’

Commission done for a friend of my space dragon and a space koblod!

Basic Food for sapient rats / Redstone Show more

Basic Food for sapient rats / Redstone Show more

Natural pearls are all iridescent and I wanted to draw something themed around that.
With the queer space rock kind!

An old werewolf character of mine, redesigned her just now!

Transforms to fight off other packs and her hand to open letters.

A natural pearl (the nonbinary queer space rock kind) and Zoombinis! Today’s doodles :3

Short Story dialog to go with art Show more

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