I'm so not here for dunking about how men as a whole are terrible. Like, I've been there, I get where it comes from, I get that there are all sorts of mental exceptions about The Few Good Ones and such

And I've also heard repeatedly from trans men and other transmasculine people how intensely damaging that is for them and I refuse to just sideline so much of our communities like that


@AzureHusky ,..yeah. Like.

I’ve notucted a lotta ‘men are terrible’ stuff shits on disabled men indirectly.

‘Men who can’t look after themselves are shit’

Which. U can see the problem with tbh.

Even later saying ‘well i didn’t mean disabled men, just non disabled lazy men’

Doesn’t change the fact someone went for a disablity associated thing.

@Doggo yes!! It's almost like treating men as a single entity is most damaging to the most marginalized men

@AzureHusky @Doggo and the ones peopel actually care about, will not be damaged in the slightest!

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